Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Ukrain

The Higher State Educational Institution of Ukraine “Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy” is one of the oldest leading educational institutions in Ukraine, whose history originates from the odontological faculty established at the Kharkiv Medical Academy in 1921. The faculty became the first academic specialized institution of higher education for the training of doctors- dentists In 1931 the … Read more

Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences, Bhandarkhal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepalese Army Institute of Health Services (NAIHS) came into existence to fulfill the growing need and demand to improve the health care system of the Nepalese Army Medical Corps (NAMC). All these could be possible with NAMC’s very own institute of medicine with prominent and competent medical professionals and experts. Nepalese Army Institute of Health … Read more

Tver State Medical University, Russia

Tver State Medical Russian is one of the oldest and leading educational institutions in Russia. Today it is a large research, scientific and educational center. The history of the Tver State Medical Academy opens up in 1902 when the courses for dental students were arranged. In 1936 the Leningrad Dental Institute was founded. In 1954 by the decision of … Read more

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