Astrakhan State Medical Academy of Federal Agency of Health Care and Social Development, Russia

Astrakhan is situated in the south of the European part of Russia. This is the very place where Europe meets Asia, and the cultures of the two nations intertwine closely. In this region the representatives of various religions live in harmony: Christians, Moslems, Buddhists, Jews and others. One may experience here the unity of the multi-national Russian people in full measure. Astrakhan is famous for its rich history, mysterious virginal nature, fresh air and boundless water areas. It is the spot where the waters of Volga meet the warm waters of the Caspian Sea. Astrakhan is also famous for its hospitality. It is an astonishing part of Russia that reflects all the greatness of our vast country. In comparison with the other parts of Russia, it is in Astrakhan that we find the largest part of sunny days per year. It is in this very place, so warm and hospitable, that Astrakhan State Medical University is situated.

Astrakhan State Medical University was founded in 1918 and is one of the oldest medical educational institutions in Russia. In November 2008 it celebrated its 90th anniversary. During its long existence more than 30000 thousand doctors have graduated from the University; they work in all parts of the world for the welfare of the people. Since the day of its foundation the University uses the European system of medical education that combines strong theoretical grounding in different spheres of knowledge with practical courses held in the best medical institutions of Astrakhan. At the present moment Astrakhan State Medical University consists of 11 faculties, at 70 chairs of which about 4000 students, clinical residency and post-graduate students study. The training of highly skilled specialists is fulfilled by experienced professors and scientists. Amongst them there are around 100 doctors of sciences, professors, docents and candidates of sciences.

Astrakhan State Medical University are well-known in Russian and international medical society as brilliant scientists and eminent doctors. The University is involved with wide international cooperation. Training of specialists from foreign countries is a priority for the University. At the moment students from all the continents of the world study there. International scientific knowledge interchange is widely practiced – scientists of the University go abroad and participate in international congresses, conferences and symposiums taking place in Russia. For 5 years at the annual Moscow International Exhibition of innovations and investments professors and scientists of the University have been awarded with golden and silver medals for new developments in the sphere of science and life. Such a good result is promoted by the creation in the University of the Board for innovations and new technologies, the aim of which is to work out proposals and recommendations for transmission and further application in medical institutions of unique results of the scientists’ researches in the University. In Astrakhan State Medical University theoretical and clinical scientific researchers are made, topical questions of health protection are solved.

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