Dali University

Dali University Medical College is a multi disciplinary comprehensive university run by the Yunnan provincial government. It has 3 campuses; South Renmin Road Campus, Hehua campus and The Ancient Town Campus.

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Dali University is a provincial undergraduate institution of higher learning, organized by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, the implementation of provincial and state to build to the provincial management. School predecessor was established in 1978 Dali Medical College (colleges) and Dali Teachers College in 2001 merged to form the Dali University. April 2015, the Ministry of Education approved renamed Dali University. Dali University is located in the province of Yunnan Province is located in non-provincial cities in the first set up colleges and universities with the only master’s degree grant and the provincial construction of new doctoral grant unit.

The school is located in western Yunnan central city – Dali. Campus covers an area of 2300 mu, building area of 550,000 square meters, and there is the ancient city of Shimonoseki two campuses. School of green grass, flowers, known as the “landscape of the University, the University of landscape.”

After 36 years of undergraduate school accumulation, has developed into a medicine, pharmacy, biology and education advantages, ethnology and art school features, multi-disciplinary integration, a comprehensive multi-level undergraduate school coordinated development.

The school has 57 undergraduate majors, 28 master degree programs, master’s degree authorization 3, wherein the master’s degree level disciplines authorized to point 4, 7 provincial key disciplines, national characteristic specialty construction 2 and provincial characteristic specialized construction 3 provincial key disciplines 3; 11 provincial quality courses; school has 16 teaching College, with state-level engineering research centers, State Ethnic Affairs Commission national theory and policy Research base, province level key laboratories, collaborative innovation centers, engineering research centers, philosophy and social sciences research base in the provincial and ministerial level scientific research platform 9; Yunnan provincial Science and Technology innovation team has three, four Yunnan Key laboratory of colleges and universities.

Schools are full-time students and more than 17,000 people, more than 21,000 continuing education students. There are 1012 full-time teachers, of whom, senior titles in more than 462 people, more than 130 professors; 700 people have master’s degrees or above. The Ministry of Education of the New Century Talent Support Program selected, the state-level experts with outstanding contributions to enjoy the State Council special allowance experts, the National Outstanding teachers, Yunling scholars, the cloud Ridge cultural masters and other experts and scholars more than 60 people.

Schools adhere to the connotative development path, and constantly promote the reform of education and teaching, formed undergraduate education as the mainstay, graduate education to enhance the expansion of international student education, continuing education to supplement the pattern of running a school. The school is the first batch of “excellent doctors” training program pilot units, Yunnan Province, the first batch of national general practitioners clinical training base, Yunnan Province, the first batch of graduate education innovation joint training base, is the first in Yunnan Province to set up overseas Chinese Center Of colleges and universities. 2008 with outstanding conclusion by the Ministry of Education Undergraduate Teaching Assessment.

Schools vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the school talent, the introduction of a large number of high-level talents, a substantial increase in the level of scientific research. The past five years, a total of National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Fund project more than 90, more than 120 provincial and ministerial research projects, foreign fund eight projects; participation in two major national scientific and technological projects – “Water Pollution Control and governance “and” AIDS and viral hepatitis and other major infectious diseases, “research; research awards above provincial and ministerial level more than 20, more than 90 national patents; Dali University College won the outstanding Social Journal.

Schools take the initiative to serve the national strategy, give full play to the advantages of location, out of a provincial capital city is located in local colleges and universities international characteristics of the school development. Now with 41 foreign universities and educational organizations have established exchange and cooperation between education and teaching, and founded the first Chinese professional to set up Chinese practice base in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, Yunnan Province, the first batch of “going out” pilot universities and international Application-oriented personnel training base. As of 2013, the South Asian Association for Southeast Asian countries accumulated more than 2400 students train people. The first to carry out the “International Day” activities, the Ministry of Education was named the national outstanding campus cultural activities.

School root border ethnic areas, to cultivate a variety of high-quality personnel transported 10 thousand. 2010 by the Federation of Trade Unions awarded the title of national model worker, Yunnan Province civilized units. Since 2006, 8 consecutive years of college graduates employment Yunnan Province prize, in 2009 was named the national 50 graduates typically experience College.

The school insists on the service orientation of “basing on Dali, serving western Yunnan, facing Yunnan and surrounding areas”, adhering to the idea of ​​”integrating the four seas culture and building the university spirit” and the motto of “learning to be truthful and moral to reason”; Actively develop postgraduate education, vigorously expand international exchanges and cooperation, and strive to build Dali University in Yunnan advanced, western has extensive influence, South Asia Southeast Asia have higher visibility of the regional high level comprehensive university.

Campus Address: China, Yunnan Sheng, Dali Baizuzizhizhou, Dali Shi.

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