National University of Science and Technology Faculty of Medicine, Zimbabwe

On 19 May 1991, Professor P.M. Makhurane was appointed as the inaugural Vice-Chancellor of the University and soon after that Mr Lameck Sithole and Mr Michael Kariwo were appointed as the first Bursar and first Registrar respectively. By 1 October 1991, there were 270 students, 28 academic staff, 41 administrators, and 11 support staff

The administration offices for the Faculty of Medicine, the laboratories and the teaching units are situated at Mpilo Central Hospital along Vera Road, Mzilikazi, Bulawayo. The accommodation for medical students is in two sites, Rose Flats at corner Fife Street/ Masotsha Avenue, Bulawayo and at Mpilo Central Hospital grounds near the Faculty’s teaching laboratories. The library facilities are available on-site at at the NUST Complex at Mpilo. The Main Library is off-campus on 114 Fort Street, between 9th/10th Avenue, Bulawayo.

The three government central hospitals, namely Mpilo Central Hospital, United Bulawayo Hospitals and Ingutsheni Hospital serve as fertile clinical training areas for the medical students.

NUST offers degrees in partships with other institutions. In 2015, it was announced that the university inked a partnership with TelOne’s technical institute

Student residence is offered as on campus residence, as well as city center residence. The conditions at the two locations are generally the same.

NUST offers very limited accommodation for students. As a result, most students rely on accommodation as tenants in the nearby suburbs. The accommodation is readily available, but sometimes it costs a fortune to stay close to the campus.

NUST offers several sporting activities. The most notable on campus activities are Inter-Faculty games and the Vice Chancellor’s games. NUST is also involved in inter university games, which are held at a national level.

The main campus is located on the A6 highway in Ascot, Bulawayo. The Faculty of Medicine is located at Mpilo Hospital, and the library in the city center.

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