Third Military Medical University, China

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Army Medical University is a national key university with a long history and glorious tradition, a key military construction institution, the nation’s first batch of doctoral authorization units, and the first universities to offer eight-year medical education. The university’s predecessor dates back to the National Chung Cheng Medical College built in 1937, the Second Field Army Medical University in 1941, and the Fourth Field Army Medical School in 1946.

In 1954, the former Sixth Military Medical University (Nanchang) and the Seventh Military Medical University (Chongqing) merged to form the Seventh Military Medical University. In 1975, it was renamed the Third Military Medical University. In 2017, according to the order of the Central Military Commission, based on the Third Military Medical University and Bethune Medical Medical Officer School, the Military Training Base of the Western Army Joint Army Training Base (Hutubi Xinjiang), the Eighth Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army (Shigatse, Tibet), and the Second People’s Liberation Army were included. 60 Hospital (Shijiazhuang, Hebei), established Army Military Medical University. The university is positioned as a college of higher education and mainly undertakes undergraduate education, postgraduate education, job training, noncommissioned officer training, civilian personnel training, foreign military personnel training, and specialty medical research tasks.

The university institutes set up “one office and seven offices”, which consists of the Basic Medical College, the Military Preventive Medicine Department, the Department of Pharmacy and Laboratory Medicine, the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Medicine, the Department of Plateau Military Medicine, the Department of General Practice, and the Department of Medical Psychology. Department of Nursing, Army Health Training Base, Graduate School, Training Brigade, Non-commissioned Officer School (including the 260 Hospital), Border Guard Training Brigade, and Southwest Hospital, Xinqiao Hospital (including Xigaze Branch), Daping Hospital (Fields) Institute of Surgery) three comprehensive teaching hospitals. University covers an area of ​​more than 8300 acres, the headquarters of Chongqing.

There are 11 undergraduate programs in clinical medicine, basic medicine, preventive medicine, stomatology, pharmacy, nursing, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, medical imaging, medical inspection technology, and public utility management. There are 9 primary disciplines (authorization points 73) authorized by doctoral degree, 11 primary disciplines (authorization point 86), 9 postdoctoral mobile stations, 17 national key (cultivation) disciplines, and national key laboratories , 6 engineering laboratories (centers), 32 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education and the military, clinical medicine, pharmacology and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, neuroscience and behavior, and immunity Academics and other 6 subject areas have entered the top 1% of international ESI. There are 4 academicians of the two institutes, more than 900 senior professional technicians, 30 professors above grade 3, 25 “National Youth” and “Changjiang Scholars” professors, 13 “National Youth” and “National Youth” Seven teams were selected by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Natural Science Foundation of China’s Innovation Team.

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