University of Sassari Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Italy

The University of Sassari is a university located in Sassari, Italy. It was founded in 1562.The university is headquartered in Sassari, and has also started courses in Alghero, Olbia, Nuoro and Oristano, with a population of about 13,000 students.

With its 13 departments and more than 650 teachers from universities throughout Italy, the University of Sassari offers training in presence and distance (e-learning and teledidattica) in both the humanistic and scientific fields.

The educational offer is wide and varied: three-year degrees, master’s degrees, including two international, master’s, specialization schools and research doctorate courses.

The University has over 40 interdisciplinary research centers and 12 libraries, presenting a wide choice for internships in medical disciplines, and boasts cooperative relationships with about 500 Universities

Established in 1982 as a departmental library, in 2012 it was transformed into an area library taking on the current name with support functions for teaching and research and is mainly intended for a wide range of historical disciplines: Greek and Roman history, Latin Epigraphy , Medieval history, Modern history with particular reference to the History of Spain, the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, History of legal institutions with attention to Criminal Law and Public Administration, Contemporary History especially with reference to Fascism, Resistance and History of Sardinia, History of Afro-Asiatic and Islamic countries.
The Departments and reference centers of the Library are: the Departments of History, Sciences of Man and Education, of Political Sciences, Communication Sciences and Information Engineering, the Interdisciplinary Center for the History of the University of Sassari, the Center of interdisciplinary studies on the Roman provinces, the Interdepartmental Center of History.

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