How to Select Right Option for Medical Career, MBBS in India or MBBS Abroad, Drop or Other Courses, Lowest Package, Hidden Cost, Total Cost v/s Total Package, Right Country, Right University & Right Consultant. Explore almost everything about Medical Education and Career.

Very Important (Save Yourself from Fraud): Do not fall in trap of admission in India through management quota or back door entry. Do not hand over your original documents to anyone without understanding about country, duration, total cost (fees, hostel, food, insurance & visa renewal for entire duration including internship) and provisions of FMGL Act 2021.

Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in this industry. Get Proper Guidance based on Latest Rules and Provisions about National Exit Test (NEXT), FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates’ Exam), FMGL Act 2021 (Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate), Advisories for Indian Students from Indian Embassies in Concerned Countries, Advisories from Competent Authorities (Medical Councils or Ministry of Health) in Concerned Countries. Get in Touch with us for Real Information & Real Packages Based on Your 12th Passing Year, 12th%, NEET Score, Budget & Preferred Location and Now Based on FMGL Act 2021. Which countries are fulfilling all requirements, which countries are giving internship followed by registration and practice to license.

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