Medical University of Bialystok, Poland

The University was established in 1950 as the tenth in Poland Medical Academy. Soon it was renamed to the Medical Academy. Branicki Palace became the headquarters of the new establishment. The first rector of the Medical Academy in Bialystok was appointed prof. Tadeusz Kielanowski, a native of Lwow. Many pre-war workers and university graduates from Vilnius, Cracow, Lwow, Poznan, Warsaw or Lublin have been found among the university’s academic staff.  168 students started their studies at the Faculty of Medicine. Most of the theoretical facilities were located in the adjoining building of the former Teachers’ Seminary – now Collegium Primum.

The buildings transferred to the University were destroyed in 1944. At the end of the war they were rebuilt. After the establishment of the AMB, workers and students helped with construction work. The clinic of the new University became the hospital in the city, survived by war fires. In 1950, the first scientific and didactic plants were established and the Ftyzjatria Clinic was established.

In 1951, the university was granted the title of doctoral degree in medical sciences. In 1955 the first graduates of the Faculty of Medicine received the doctor’s diploma.

Medical University of Bialystok is a prestigious, thriving university, distinguished by the Polish academic centers. The university has a professional staff and scientific – teaching that provides a high standard of teaching and multipliers for the needs of the region. Number 129 professors and 141 associate professors in the 814 teachers, gives one of the highest ranks and the University at the forefront of all universities in Poland.

In July 2012, the first competition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Research Center for Innovative Medical University of Bialystok has gained the status of the National Center for Scientific Lead (KNOW ). This prestigious award has only received 5 academic centers in Poland.In April 2013, CBI was awarded the Podlasie Brand of the Year 2012.On 30 September 2013, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced the results of the assessment of the scientific potential of over 960 scientific units.

Currently there are 4696 students studying in 14 subjects, including 287 students studying in English. The educational offer of the university is constantly adapted to the needs of the developing labor market. The University has two unique faculties: Logopaedia with Phonoaudiology and Electroradiology II.

The Faculty of Medicine holds the oldest tradition at the Medical University of Bialystok. It was established along with the establishment of the Medical Academy in Bialystok under the ordinance of the Council of Ministers of February 3, 1950. In 1969 the profile of the university’s activity was expanded through the establishment of the Department of Dentistry. Over the years, education was gradually expanded. In 1999 the Faculty of Medicine established a Nursing Department which, four years later, emerged as the Faculty of Nursing and Health Care. In 2004, a six-year medical education program was launched  in English.

The Main Library of the Medical University of Bialystok is located in the 18th-century Branicki Palace. It is the largest scientific and medical library in the Podlaskie Voivodship. It was established in 1950, with the establishment of a university. At present, there are nearly 130 thousand library collections. book volumes , over 50 thousand. magazines and 8 thousand. inventory items of special collections. In addition to print sources, the library provides access to many bibliographic and full-text databases , including up to 15,000. Electronic journals .

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