Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) founded in 1930, is one of the largest and most prestigious higher educational establishments in the country. Azerbaijan Medical University, named after Nariman Narimanov is the formal name of the public medical school located in Baku, Azerbaijan. Due to difficulties with translation, the school is sometimes called: Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan State Medical University, Azerbaijan State Medical Institute, or simply Medical University, with any of the preceding including the “named after N. Narimanov” or full “Nariman Narimanov”. The school is named after Nariman Narimanov, a famous Azeri in Soviet politics, notably Party Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Soviet Union.

There are 7 faculties 2-General Medicine, Pediatrics, Medical prophylactics and Medical Biology, Dentistry, Military Medicine and Pharmacy  in the AMU. It confers both Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Science (Post doctorate-professorship) degrees.

Presently 303 person of the professor-teacher personnel work in I Treatment-prevention faculty, one of the employees of the faculty is the member of NSA of Azerbaijan, Two person are the actual member of Russian AMS, 34 persons are the doctor of the medical sciences, 28 persons are the professors, 175 persons are PHD on medical sciences. 217 persons of teacher personnel have the scientific degree (71,5%).

During last 10 years 2768 scientific works of the employees of the faculty were published, 467 of them are the handbooks, handbook supplements and other education-methodic works, 1173 are the article of the magazines, 1128 are the thesis, 605 works are published in the scientific summaries of the foreign countries and in conference materials.

16 departments and 1 course act at the II prophylactic treatment faculty. 3 of them are theoretic, 14 are clinic departments. Scientific-researches are carried out at departments on different problems and solutions of problems of medicine along with education.
Teaching of basic subjects are carried out at the University’s training base, clinic subjects at therapeutic training clinics, at basic clinics and policlinics and at Scientific-Research Cardiology, Scientific-Research Pediatric, National Prophylactic and Medical Rehabilitation Institute and Scientific Surgical Centre named after Academician M.Topchubashov which are supplied with modern treatment-diagnostics.

There are currently 8000 students (including 1171 foreign students) studying at the university. The courses are taught through 74 academic departments by a comprehensive staff of over 1628 trained professionals.

The university has 74 different departments set up for specialized teaching to the students. Currently there are 1200 international students studying from 21 different countries. The 6 year MD program (Bachelor level leads to MD equivalent to MBBS in India) is conducted in English. The university has its own hospital attached. Medical education in Azerbaijan with a special focus on Azerbaijan MBBS education system is highly reputed throughout the world.

The 6 years program includes Russian language course while the intake needs English proficiency certificate IELTS with minimum score of 5.5 bands for the admission. The program includes 1 year of internship at Baku or the students can be placed for 1 year in USA for the clerkship. If the students pass their USMLE-1 exam before 5th year, his could be a golden chance for them to try to give USMLE-2CK /CS during the clerkship in USA leading to an option of residency in USA  .

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