BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvadic Medicine and Surgery)

B.A.M.S. or Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is a recognized bachelor degree in alternative medicine (Ayurveda) in India. The BAMS course is of five and half year’s duration including one year compulsory internship. It is a graduate level degree of five and half years in ancient health science known as Ayurveda. The syllabus of BAMS course is like an integrated degree that is equal to or above MBBS study, but politically or legally not recognized as an integrated system in India or outside India.

Eligibility criteria for admission to B.A.M.S.

If you want to do degree in Ayurveda, then you need to pass out 12th class with medical science. The essential subjects in 12th class are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition, you should secure minimum 50% or above marks in these subjects. Age: 17 years or above

Career after B.A.M.S.?

General Ayurvedic Practice, Government Jobs as Ayurvedic Medical Officer, Research Worker, Healthcare Administration, Health Supervisor, Manager in ayurvedic pharmacies

Higher studies options after B.A.M.S.

MPH – Masters in Public Health, MPH – Masters in Public Health, MD – In various subjects as studied during BAMS course, MBA – In hospital management (not good colleges are providing MBA to Ayurveda( graduates)

Job Opportunities for B.A.M.S.

BAMS graduates can find a lot of job opportunities in India as well as abroad. They can find job openings as medical officer or as doctors in private or government hospitals. After obtaining sufficient experience in the area, they can start their own private practice. BAMS graduates can also work in Industries offering ayurvedic products. They can find employment as Professors in Colleges offering Ayurvedic courses and as supervisors in ayurvedic health centers. After gaining 1-2 years experience in a pharmaceutical company, BAMS degree holders can apply for a drug-manufacturing license. These license holders can start up their own pharmaceutical firm. Another option for BAMS graduates is to have research in the related area or they can work as research scientist in reputed companies that deals with Ayurveda.

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