Bijie Medical College, China

Bijie Medical a public full-time ordinary college was established in March 2014. Its history can be traced back to the establishment in 1958 “Bijie Health School” and founded in 1978, “Bijie’s Second Medical School”, has been training medical talents of more than 40,000 people.

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The college moved into the Jinhaihu Lake District Town of vocational education, in July 2015.The new campus covers an area of 507 acres, an investment of 560 million Yuan, the total construction area of 150,000 square meters. College have beautiful environment, advanced teaching equipment.

College staff number is over 400, among them, 349 are full-time teachers, 99 of them are “double-type” teachers. 66 teachers have the qualifications of senior titles, 50 have intermediate titles and 41 get the master’s degree.

Bijie University is based on local, provincial, national culture-oriented health and medical personnel, mainly to higher health vocational education in three. Now it is set up in six professional groups, 18 majors.

Strengthen the management of students  Affairs and education, quality education and the vocational education combined to form teaching, management and service, environment education of good educational environment, parallel make excellent teaching style and excellent style of study, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of students. Since 2003, college organizes vocational groups and group of nursing students to take part in the province’s nursing skills competition, participating students have been awarded the “Grand Prize” and other types of awards, the award-winning rate of 95% per cent and nursing skills competition represented the Guizhou province in the country to obtain excellent results, the college group total has remained in the top three in the province. In 2016, the province’s nursing skills competitions, Group won the first high level group on behalf of nursing skills in

Address:- No.1,Bijie Medical College, Jinhaihu District, Bijie City 551700.

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