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CBSE 12th Class Results Out – What After 12th (PCB)

Results for 12th Class CBSE Results declared today. Click Here to See Result

There are lot of students, who are wise, clear about their future goals have started career, students who are interested in MBBS (India or Abroad), BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, Veterinary or Other courses like Nursing, Pharmacy, BSc have started making their moves for next process.

We advise not to drop even if you are targeting for MBBS or Any other courses, Because no one can guarantee admission in next year.

How to Select Right Career Path with PCB

Best Option – MBBS (First priority is to get admission in govt medical college in India, Process is through NEET, Competition is very tough and number of seats are also less, if you do not get admission in govt college, try for second priority, private medical college in India through merit (if your budget allow because fees are between 40 to 70 Lakhs), We do not advice for Management Quota or Donation Based admission as such students do face problems in future (fraud cases, Vyapam type cases, cancellation of admission).

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If you do not get admission in India due to competition or Budget, do not waste year in coaching again, immediately apply for MBBS Abroad as being doctor is more important irrespective of location, Exit Exam (NEXT is going to be compulsory for all medical graduates), means dropping year makes no sense now. Budget for MBBS Abroad could be between 15 to 30 lakh Know More About MBBS Abroad, Bangladesh (Best Choice for MBBS Abroad as Almost Everything is same as India) and China (if students are not eligible for Bangladesh, China becomes next best option due to huge infrastructure, cost of education and living conditions) are considered as best available options (Both are Asian Countries). Students can also look for options in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan (all these countries are cold countries), Other European and American (North, Central and South America) Countries based on their budget and preferences. Know more about MBBS Abroad.

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Next Few Options – BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, Veterinary are the next available options, but for these courses also students need to appear in entrance exams. If you qualify or crack these exams you may take admission in these courses.

Next Few Options – Nursing, Pharmacy, Biotech are the next available options, if your budget is not sufficient for courses mentioned above you may apply for these courses.

Next Few Options – BSc, BA, Other Courses like Hotel Management, Design or any other sector based courses, last choices keeping further career options in mind, but always better than doing nothing, you earn a degree after completing these courses. Wasting year at coaching institute does not fetch degree, it simply waste money, time and also built frustration, many exams are available in each city and coaching institutes.

Best Wishes

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