Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, China

Established in 1958, Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, originally as the name of Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is one of the key universities in Jilin province and the only institution of higher-learning for fostering international students engaged in Chinese Medicine. Approved by the State Ministry of Education, the university has begun enrolling international students since 1992.

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The total area of the university is 547,000 square meters including construction area of 376,000 square meters. The main campus, located at Jingyue Economic Dvpt. Zone, adjoins JingYuetan National Forest Park.

The teaching organizations include Pre-clinical Medicine College, Chinese Pharmacology College, Acupuncture & Moxibustion and Massage College, Humanity and Administration College, Nursing School, International Education College, Clinical Medicine College, Graduate School and School of Continuing Education. The assistant teaching organizations include Library, Modern Technology Center, Research and Development Center, Ginseng Institute and etc.

Currently, the university has 1802 faculty and staff, including 141 professors, 324 associate professors, 6 tenured professors, 20 PhD advisors, 140 master’s degree advisors, 1 national “Norman Bethune Medalist”, 3 national excellent teachers, 33 professors honored with special subsidy by the State Council, 16 young specialists done important contributions for Jilin province and the country, 6 senior experts of Jilin province, 2 prestigious teacher, and 1 new century chief-professor.

Presently, the university has 14 majors for undergraduates, among which Chinese medicine, Chinese pharmacology, acupuncture & moxibustion, nursing are national majors with distinguishing features, and pharmaceutical engineering and public affairs management are provincial leading majors. The university has 22 granting authorities for master’s degree and 3 for doctoral degree and currently has 8097 students.

International Education College is an administrative organization with the responsibility of enrollment and management of teaching and living for international students and students from Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. It consists of Director’s Office, International and Cooperation Office, and Overseas Students Office. International Education College is in charge of all the study programs for international students on different majors, like Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Tuina etc. For the short-term program, the teaching languages can be Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.

The International students cover undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD candidates. The university has established friendly ties with more than 20 countries and research institutions, and held international Chinese medicine conference several times.

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