Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in Zabrze, Poland

The Medical University of Silesia consists of five schools: School of Medicine in Katowice (the one that offers education in English language), School of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry in Zabrze, School of Health Care, School of Public Health, and School of Pharmacy with Division of Medical Analytics in Sosnowiec.

The Medical  University of Silesia is the largest medical school in Poland. It has been established on the 20th of March 1948. At first it was given the name Medical Academy and was  placed in Rokitnica Bytomska. The name Medical University of Silesia was given in 1949. The lectures for the 135 newly admitted students of medicine and 96 students of dentistry had begun in October 1948. The first Celebration  of the academic year  took place on the 20th of November  1948. The first Rector of the school was Professor Nowakowski, a famous specialist in hygiene. Gradually, the school was extending and the number of students grew up. In 1950, for example,  there were already 1121 students, while  in 1955 – 2610. The Rector`s position was held  by  Professor Stefan Slopek, Professor Marian Garlicki, Professor Witold Zahorski and Professor Witold Niepołomski, in turn. Between 1953-1954 the first graduates obtained diplomas as physicians  and  dentists.

The Silesian Medical University in Katowice is accredited by the State Accreditation Commission for medical education, pharmacy, medical analytics, biotechnology, cosmetology, public health, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy and the United States Department of Education’s Certificate of Education in English since 1996. medical examination in Katowice. Within five faculties,Medical School educates physicians, dentists, pharmacists, medical analysts, biotechnologists, public health specialists, emergency medicine, nutritionists, nurses, obstetrics, physiotherapy, cosmetology, neurobiology and medical coaching. In addition to full-time studies, the Silesian Medical University in Katowice offers also extramural studies (evening and extramural). Postgraduate training is provided by full-time and part-time doctoral studies, as well as specialized training and courses.

The Department of Medicine and the Department of Medicine and Dentistry in Zabrze (formerly the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry) was the only department of Silesian Medical University (formerly Silesian Medical Academy). Founded in 1948, it became – as the University developed – a base for the establishment of its next faculties.

Genesis of the Faculty dates back to 1946, when the first attempts to organize a medical school in Upper Silesia undertook the Preparatory Committee of the Silesian Social Medical Academy. The committee, in the talks with the vice governor, General J. Zięzek, determined that the profile of the university should be focused on the training of staff for basic medical care (“health insurance”), the fight against occupational diseases and prevention. The staff of the Polish Faculty of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) was responsible for the scientific and didactic work, and Paderewski Hospital’s fund was donated to Paderewski Hospital – also from Edinburgh – funded by the Paderewski Testimonial Fundation.

The place was Rokytnice and Bytom. Organizational matters were taken by prof. Antoni Tomasz Jurasz, MD (1882-1961), creator of the Faculty of Edinburgh. The execution ended in 1947 with failure. The systemic changes introduced in Poland caused the withdrawal of the foundation and prof. A. Jurasz. The authorities also did not express their interest in the acquisition of equipment, and instead of the Academy created the establishment of the Institute for Specialization and Physician Dissemination.

Soon,the Council of Ministers, by a decree of March 20, 1948, established the Medical Academy in Bytom as a state higher education school with the Faculty of Medicine and within its Department of Dentistry. The first dean was prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Pawlikowski (1904-1985), and vice-dean of prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Jankowski (1896 – 1978).

In the 23rd in the history of the Faculty of Cadets (2012-2016), the function of Dean was performed by prof. dr hab. Maciej Misiołek, professors were: dr hab. Zenon Czuba, prof. dr hab. Prof. Sławomir Kasperczyk and dr hab. Jacek Kasperski, MD. Currently, in the 2016-2020 term, the dean is still prof. dr hab. Maciej Misiołek, and vice-presidents: dr hab. Alicja Grzanka, prof. dr hab. Prof. Sławomir Kasperczyk and prof. dr hab. Jacek Kasperski, MD.

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