Gannan Medical University

Gannan Medical University is established in 1958. The university is also known Ganzhou Medical College, Ganzhou 626 Health Science School and Gannan Health Science School. This University offer’s 5 year course. It is located in Ganzhou.

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Gannan Medical College is located in the south of Jiangxi, the Beijing-Kowloon railway line historical and cultural city – Ganzhou city. Professor Han Jisheng, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, served as honorary president. Formerly known as the school was founded in 1941 in Jiangxi Province Li Gan County Superior midwifery vocational school, established in 1958, Gannan Medical College, in 1988 upgraded to Gannan Medical College and started to recruit students, the right to grant bachelor’s degree in 1993, 2013 approved as master’s degree-granting units, in 2014 began to recruit graduate students. Jiangxi Province is currently the only independent set of ordinary higher medical college.

The school has gold, Zhang Gong two campuses, covering a total area of 1,200 acres, the building area of 300,000 square meters; paper library collection 845,000, 2.3 million electronic books; there are two master’s degree level subjects Master degree authorization point 2; existing 21 undergraduate programs, 15 professional, covering medicine, science, engineering, literature, law, management, education seven disciplines; has 10 affiliated hospitals (including 3 the immediate, seven non-immediate); the provincial center of a 2011 collaborative innovation, the university in the “second five” key disciplines two, a provincial key laboratories, 2 provincial key laboratories in universities, the provincial College of Humanities social science key research base 1, a soft science research base in the province, the provincial medical leading discipline a provincial urinary calculi modern treatment center one.

The school has two national specialty, Jiaoyu Bu, Weisheng Bu excellent physician education and training program 2, Jiao Yubu professional comprehensive reform pilot project, the national student education school practice base construction projects a provincial specialty 4, CONTILAND physician education and training program two provincial excellent engineer education training program a provincial professional comprehensive reform pilot project six talents Universities provincial training model innovation experimental zones 3, province university outstanding teaching team 4, experiment teaching Province demonstration Center 4, 15 provincial quality courses, bilingual education model curriculum provincial 3, the provincial quality resource sharing lessons 17 and other 110 projects at all levels of undergraduate teaching.

The school has full-time undergraduate students 10440 people, 1574 college students who graduate 92 people, 153 foreign students, adult education students in membership 20147 people. Have appropriate scale, reasonable structure, high-quality faculty, staff have 2542 people (including first, second, third affiliated hospital staff), full-time teachers 1006 people, Among them tall title 140 people, high title 210 people, master’s and doctoral proportion of full-time teachers reached 72.4%. Enjoy the State Council and provincial government special allowance of 15 people, appeared in the “Jiangxi po excellence ‘555’ project” five people, Province academic leaders, the provincial Discipline Leaders and the seven provincial Young Scientists (Jinggang Star) training targets 1, the provincial talent project candidates 17 people, provincial teaching teacher 7 people, 3 province exemplary teachers, provincial Colleges young backbone teachers 37 people. Hired well-known scholars and academicians 47 people in any school professor. School existing master tutor 60, and another part-time doctoral tutor, part-time master’s tutor 48 people, mentoring and training doctoral and master more than 100 people.

School adhere to the personnel training and scientific research for the regional economic and social development services, around the Poyang Lake ecological economic zone construction and Gannan original Central Soviet area revitalization and development goals, the use of regional resources, combined with the discipline itself, in cardio-cerebral vascular pharmacology, Pain, Blastocystis pathogenicity research and modern treatment of urinary calculi, cardiac intervention and open surgery, cataract prevention and minimally invasive surgery and other fields formed its own characteristics and advantages, and achieved a number of landmark results, and in Jiangxi And western Fujian, northern Guangdong, eastern Hunan and other places to promote the use of, resulting in a good social and economic benefits. In recent years, the school presided over a number of National Natural Science Fund, the National Social Science Fund Project, the ministries and provincial, municipal, departmental level research projects, the preparation of books (textbooks) Bai Yu, a number of research by the provincial grade all kinds of awards, has published hundreds of papers were SCI, EI, ISTP included, in which the top international journal “Cell” published a paper. School-sponsored “Gannan Medical University” in domestic public offering, Jiangxi Province Department of advanced scientific and technical journals, the Chinese academic journals and other full-text indexed database, in association with “Neuroscience Bulletin”, “Chinese Journal of Medical Education” and “realistic” And other magazines.

The school actively carry out international and domestic cooperation and exchanges. The school has established cooperative relationships with foreign institutions and medical institutions, such as Lincoln Memorial University, Daegu Korean Medicine University, North Texas Health Center and German Heart Center (Berlin). 2005 began to recruit foreign students, in 2007 to the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Korea, India and the Philippines and other countries to send students and graduates. The school actively held various national and provincial medical continuing education programs and new technology promotion classes, hosted the Sino-German Hospital Management Forum, China and Australia cataract blindness project, the National Children’s Cancer Symposium, Jiangxi, Fujian and Zhejiang modern neuroscience seminar And Li Ka-shing anti-poverty medical training courses and other projects. The school has standardized training base in Jiangxi Zhuyuanyishi 17, Jiangxi Province general practitioners’ training theory and clinical base for each one, Ganzhou health management cadre training base one for health development and health professional training made Positive contribution.

70 years running practice breeds formed a school “hard work, science seeking” educational tradition. Under the new situation, Gan doctors will uphold the motto of “Lide up the line, seek truth and seek new”, insist on the orientation of “based on Jiangxi, radiation around, facing the whole country, serving the grassroots”, “teaching legislation school, Talent strong school, cultural cast school “school concept, in order to create an appropriate scale, reasonable structure, distinctive characteristics of the Medical University and work hard.

Campus Address: 1 Yixueyuan Road, Ganzhou Jiangxi 341000 China.

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