Gomel State Medical University, Belarus

Gomel State Medical University Homiel State Medical University is public teaching university based in Gomel, Belarus. In 1990 Gomel State Medical University was founded as per resolution of the Council of Ministers and Order of the Minister of Health of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. It is the youngest of four medical universities in Belarus.

The main campus of Gomel State Medical University is located in downtown Gomel, with 18 adjacent clinical sites spread across the city. Faculty includes 276 members with more than one-third holding MD/PhD degree.

Education at Gomel State Medical University includes five to six-year programs in basic and clinical medical science. Upon admission to University students enter one of four different schools (faculties): General Medicine, Medical Diagnostics, Education for Foreign Students or the Faculty of Pre-University Training – a one-year program which provides the full-time undergraduate course for admission to University.

Graduates of the University obtain M.D. degree and are required to complete a minimum of a one-year internship in order to practice clinical medicine. Education of foreign students at Gomel State Medical University started in 2003.

Regional Scientific Medical Library The Gomel State Medical University was founded in 1990 as a library of the Gomel State Medical Institute. Since 2003 – the library of the Gomel State Medical University. In 2008, in connection with the accession of the Gomel Regional Medical Library, it acquired the status of the Regional Scientific Medical Library of the Gomel State Medical University.

The library of the Gomel State Medical University is the center of the information space of the university. The library serves the faculty, postgraduates, clinical residents, interns, students, university staff and medical workers in health facilities in the city of Gomel and the region.

The university library is located in three buildings: in the main building of the university (Lange St., 5) is the office of the head of the library, the department of bibliography and electronic information resources with a room for research workers and the Electronic Library, a department for reference, information and methodical work with a reading room for dissertations, author’s abstracts of dissertations, works of GomGMU employees, newspapers; in the building on the street. Lange, 1 is located the department of acquisition, cataloging and scientific processing of documents, the service department of scientific and medical literature with a subscription of scientific and medical literature and a reading room; in the educational building № 4 of the University (avenue Cosmonauts, 70) is located the department of the service with educational literature with the subscription of the educational literature for the students of the preparatory department, for the students of 1-3 and 4-6 courses,

The library has a rich fund of educational, scientific, medical, industrial, foreign and fiction literature. Annually the library issues over 70 titles of periodicals in Russia and the Republic of Belarus. Users of the library have access to the world’s medical resources, electronic catalogs and virtual reference services of other libraries via the Internet. Since September 2006, the Electronic Library of the University has been functioning, in which a large amount of electronic documents are presented, including textbooks, teaching aids, scientific collections, conference proceedings, etc.

For the period from 2007 to March 2017 4486 doctors were trained, including 364 specialists for foreign countries; 81 candidates and doctors of sciences were trained and protected, 4 of them are foreign citizens. 36 departments, as well as the research laboratory, the  department of science and scientific medical information, the editorial and publishing department, the professorial consultative center, the laboratory of practical training and other structural units.More than 3930 (including more than 556 foreign) students studying at the faculty of the university. 4 modern comfortable hostel for students.

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