Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou Medical University was founded in 1958, is a medical advantage and characteristics, to carry out doctorate or master’s degrees, undergraduate multi-level talent training full-time colleges and universities in Guangdong Province is the first batch of high-level university enrollment and university construction.

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School adhere to the “talent school” strategy, brought together the Chinese Academy of Engineering, “thousands of people planning” experts, the new century, millions of Talents Project national candidate, the National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Winners, Changjiang Scholar Professor, Teachers, the state has outstanding contributions to experts and a number of outstanding teachers. The existing doctoral tutor 97 people, 774 master tutor.
The school is committed to cultivating a humanistic, international perspective, innovative spirit and practical ability of the compound talents. Open undergraduate enrollment professional 20, covering medicine, science, management, engineering, law five disciplines. With the national characteristics of the construction of professional 2, the provincial comprehensive reform pilot professional 8, the provincial famous brand professional 3, the provincial characteristics of the construction of four professional, provincial key professional one. A national boutique resources sharing class 1, the national bilingual teaching demonstration course 1; provincial boutique resources sharing course 14, the provincial boutique video open course 5 door. National virtual simulation experiment teaching center 1, the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center 8. The school has a postgraduate qualification, there are 10 disciplines authorized master’s degree, including the degree of master’s degree in science 6, master’s degree authorization 4, independent science degree two disciplines master’s degree authorized 2; a subject of Dr. Authorized 1, two disciplines doctoral authorization of 20, with a subject (clinical medicine) postdoctoral flow station. The school has 9051 full-time undergraduate and graduate students.
In recent years, the school has undertaken more than 2,000 scientific research projects such as the National Science and Technology Support Program. The National Natural Science Foundation of China has been ranked among the top 100 in the country for two consecutive years, and has received more than 50 scientific and technological awards at national and provincial levels. In the “Nature Medicine”, “New Eng J Med”, “Lancet” and other world-renowned magazines published more than 700 papers. The school organizes 6 academic journals, including “Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering”, “Chinese Journal of Joint Surgery”, “thrombosis and hemostasis” for the Chinese core journals of science and technology, “Journal of thoracic disease” , “Translational Medicine Yearbook” were SCI, PubMed included.
The school has been extensively engaged in international academic and educational exchanges and cooperation. It is a pilot unit in the reform of undergraduate education in Guangdong Province. The university has been working with the United States, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Colleges and universities to establish a stable cooperation and exchange relations.

Campus Address: Xinzao, Panyu District, Guangzhou, 511436, PR China.

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