Hainan Medical University

Hainan Medical University is established in 1952. This university is also known as Hainan Medical Vocational School and Medical Department of Hainan University. This University offer’s 5 year course. Hainan Medical College is located in the beautiful tropical coastal city, Hainan Province, the capital of Haikou City; Hainan Province is the only one province-owned general higher medical colleges and universities. Over the past 70 years, the school has formed a master’s degree education, general undergraduate education, international student education, adult education, higher vocational education, joint training of doctoral education in both the educational pattern. A total of more than 4 million people to the community, including one academician, two provincial and ministerial level cadres, graduates around the world more than 10 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

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Hainan Province, 22 cities and counties in general hospitals, more than 70% of the hospital by the president of the sea as graduates, medical departments of professional and technical personnel, the province’s grass-roots health units of academic leaders in the sea accounted for 60%. Sea medicine graduates have become the main force of the medical and health team in Hainan Province.

The campus is located in Haikou City College Road, covers an area of ​​628 acres; library building area of ​​34000 m2, the total resources of 1.09 million volumes of documents, built trunk dual-core 10G ring network, dual channel connecting China Education and Research computer network and the Chinese network, to achieve the whole campus high-bandwidth wireless network coverage of high-performance campus network. There are 3 master’s degree programs in one discipline, covering 46 subjects in secondary subjects, 3 subjects in master’s degree programs, 46 subjects in secondary subjects, 1 post-doctoral work station, and 4 subjects in medicine, science, management and engineering 4 disciplines 20 professional categories. The school has 15 secondary education departments, with 4 directly affiliated hospitals, teaching (internship) base 90. There are more than 20,100 students of various types, including 10,984 full-time students, 344 international students, 163 postgraduates, and more than 8,300 adult students.

The school has four national key clinical construction, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine key disciplines 1, a national education and training base, the national examination examiner training base 2, the national science education base 1, national drug clinical Experimental specialist base 7, the national drug Pre clinical safety evaluation laboratory 1, the Chinese Academy of The school has two national characteristics of professional, national clinical skills experimental teaching demonstration center 1, the national education information pilot undergraduate colleges project 1, the Ministry of education comprehensive reform pilot project 2, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of health outstanding doctor education and training Program 3, the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor of excellence (TCM) education and training program 2, the national college students outside the practice of education base construction project 1, the national quality video open class 1. Won the first three consecutive provincial teaching achievement award. Students won the second session of the National Clinical Skills Competition Students in Medical Colleges South Division first National Finals prize, national university student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition final prize in 2016 (ninth) China Computer Design Students competition finals second prize and third each one, in 2016 the “Year of youth” Hainan college students venture contest grand prize.

There are 23 students studying abroad. And the United States University of Utah, Australia Queensland University of Technology and other elite schools to carry out undergraduate students to exchange, joint training master, doctorate and other international educational cooperation.

On the basis of the characteristics of running a tropical medicine, a number of potential disciplinary peaks, such as physiology, first aid and disaster medicine, health service and management (health care), and Nan Yao Yao medicine are taking shape. During the thirteen- And strengthen the construction of disciplines such as science, management and other disciplines, the interdisciplinary cross-infiltration, coordinated development, improve the quality of personnel training and school level, and strive to build a distinctive tropical characteristics of the medical university.

Campus Address: 3 Xueyuan Road, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province 571199 China.

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