Hebei North University Faculty of Medicine, China

Hebei North University is a government administrated multi-faculty university, which offers Bachelor’s Degree programs and Master’s Degree programs. The University was founded in September 2003 after approval from the Ministry of Education. It is made up of three former provincially-administrated institutions of higher learning in Zhangjiakou: Zhangjiakou Medical College (ZJKMC), Zhangjiakou Teachers’ College (ZJKTC), Zhangjiakou Advanced Postsecondary Agronomy School (ZJKAPAS). It’s the only multi-faculty university in the north of Hebei Province.

The former Zhangjiakou Medical College (ZJKMC) was upgraded to an undergraduate college in 1982 and then successfully certified to award undergraduate degrees by the Ministry of Education. The former Zhangjiakou Teachers College was founded in 1923, and the former Zhangjiakou Advanced Postsecondary Agronomy School (ZJKAPAS) was founded in 1954. All the three colleges have a long history and contribute greatly to talent discovery, education, and social development.

The main courses of the university focus on full-time undergraduate education together with postgraduate, postsecondary and adult education. At present, there are 22,267 registered students.

Up until now, the university has educated more than 100,000 students for the nation and more than 1500 overseas students from 70 countries.

The university boasts of 12 colleges: Biomedical College, college of medicine, the first College of Clinical Medicine, the Second College of Clinical Medicine, College of Literature, College of Science, College of Agronomy and Horticulture, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Foreign Languages and Adult Education. There also three teaching departments, two scientific research centers as well as eight affiliated teaching facilities of the University.

The University possesses a strong teaching force with 1366 on staff. Its equipment for teaching and scientific research is valued at $13 million, 1.40 million volumes of books in the library, as well as two affiliated hospitals and five nonaffiliated hospitals with 3000 patient beds. The first affiliated hospital, situated at the intersection of Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, Beijing and Inner Mongolia, is a first-class hospital with an excellent environment and advanced infrastructure and equipment.

The existing academic areas of the university cover ten academic classifications, which are medicine, agronomy, literature, pedagogy, law, management science, history, economics, science, and engineering, belonging to 76 academic areas of undergraduate and postsecondary specialized schooling. Clinical medicine is a traditional and specialized academic area. Laboratory medicine, medical information management, and information system were first set up among other universities in Hebei province, so also was forensic medicine among the first in universities of Hebei province.

The university possesses a strong teaching force, with 223 professors and 327 associate professors, while engaging more than 80 distinguished scholars from home and abroad as well as honorable professors or part-time professors. Among our teachers are 30 provincial-managed excellent experts, government sponsored experts and middle-aged or young experts with prominent achievements.

At present, three campuses have been constructed and put into use. The east campus covers 1.14 million square meters of teaching and office complexes with 4000 students. In 2007 the west campus had 300 million RMB worth of investment put into it.

Hebei North University Library was founded in 2003. In May 2005 with a total investment of more than 2900 million, the new library officially started construction of a new building of six full-frame structure, the external landscape magnificent interior art facilities, with 2022 reading seats. In September 2009 the library was officially put into use. It was built to high standards with modern library reading rooms, digital learning space, lecture hall and retrieval platform. The library has a weekly opening time 101 hours, electronic literature resources that run 24 hours a day.

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