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North China University of Technology, located in the coastal modern city, the Bohai Sea Economic Zone industrial city – Tangshan City; is one of the workers, medicine, science, economics, management, arts, law, art multi-disciplinary coordinated development, with foreign students education, graduate Education, undergraduate education, continuing education and other all-round education level provincial key universities. Schools for the Hebei Provincial People’s Government and the State Administration of Work Safety, Hebei Provincial People’s Government and the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau to build colleges and universities.

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A century heritage, deep inside. North China Polytechnic University, the predecessor of Hebei United University in May 2010 approved by the Ministry of Education, the former Hebei Polytechnic University and the North China Coal Medical College formed from the powerful combination. Hebei University of Technology, formerly known as founded in 1895, the Northern School of Western Mining School of Science, 1958 school, 1959, Tianjin University, Mining and Metallurgy into a system incorporated into the Tangshan Mining and Metallurgy Institute, Hebei Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Tangshan Engineering Institute of Technology, Hebei Institute of Technology and other school name; North China Coal Medical College formerly founded in 1926, the Kailuan senior nurses vocational school, in 1963 began undergraduate system, has been used Tangshan Coal Mine Medical College, Hebei Medical College, The only one of the Ministry of Coal Industry undergraduate medical colleges. Since the merger, the provincial government and the Department of Education under the strong support of the school in the discipline construction, personnel training, teaching staff, scientific research, international cooperation, social services, the overall conditions and comprehensive service capabilities across the To a new level.

Teachers are strong, superior school conditions. School of existing professional and technical personnel more than 4000 people, including 2072 full-time teachers. Full-time teachers with doctorate in more than 620 teachers; with associate professors, professors, more than 1,000 teachers. The school has two academicians, the national “thousands of people plan” talent, “the new century millions of Talents Project” national candidate, the State Council special allowance experts, high-end talent in Hebei Province, Yanzhao scholars, provincial experts and other talents more than 100 people . The school has all kinds of full-time students in more than 52000 people. The old campus covers an area of ​​2700 acres, construction area of ​​more than 110 million square meters, teaching and research equipment worth 751 million yuan; new campus is located in Tangshan Bay Ecological City, covering 4500 acres, construction area of ​​1000000 square meters. The school has 19 functional offices, 29 teaching units, 4 auxiliary institutions and 9 directly under the unit. The school has a first-class voice classroom, multimedia classrooms, electronic reading room, CAD center, computing center, audio-visual center and network center and other modern teaching facilities. School library in the province to introduce the first “RFID book intelligent management system”, to achieve the “possession, borrow, read, consultancy, management” integration services. The school has a natural science, medicine, social sciences 5 journals, at home and abroad have a certain influence. The school has attached to the subsidiary hospital and non-affiliated hospital 20.

Disciplines set up, professional and distinctive. The school has 87 undergraduate professional, a post-doctoral research station, three doctoral degree authorization of a discipline, 19 master’s degree authorization of a discipline, eight professional degree authorization category; has 10 national specialty, 18 12 national ministries and provincial key laboratories, 3 provincial-level collaborative innovation centers, 32 municipal key laboratories; has a national safety production supervision and management bureau of mine medical rescue center training base , Hebei Province Institute of trauma, Hebei Province, urban and rural integration and integrated development research base. Tangshan City, Tangshan City, the integration of urban and rural development research center, Tangshan City, academician’s workstations and other institutions rely on our school building.

Teaching achievement is outstanding, teaching achievement is remarkable. The school has 8 national and provincial teaching team, 54 excellent courses, 9 professional comprehensive reform pilot, 13 experimental teaching demonstration center; access to professional comprehensive reform pilot, excellent engineers, outstanding physicians, experimental teaching demonstration center, Undergraduate teaching engineering “project 119, the provincial” undergraduate teaching project “project 386; in recent years, access to national and provincial teaching achievement award 65. ESI number of high-impact papers and the number of papers ranked the world’s top ranking in Hebei Province, the first clinical disciplines into the ESI 1% of the global ranks.

Focus on personnel training, excellent quality of students. In recent years, students in the international and domestic competitions won more than 1,000 awards, including international, national awards more than 260 items. The school was the Ministry of education as “2012-2014 annual national college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training plan to implement advanced unit”. The school has always insisted on serving the local, undergraduate education to carry out more than 50 years, the training of more than 10 million professional and technical and management personnel, has become Hebei Province, metallurgy, mining, heavy chemical industry, general manager of the cradle of the chief engineer; National Coal Industry Advanced Medicine Talent, occupational disease prevention and treatment of the backbone of the cradle. School graduates with high quality, ability, style, adapt to social needs, entrepreneurship, innovation and other characteristics, by the employing unit of praise, the employment rate for many years to reach more than 95%, ranked the forefront of the province.

Adhere to the implementation of science and technology school strategy, and achieved fruitful results. In recent years, the school won the national scientific and technological progress second prize 2, provincial and ministerial level scientific research award 85; commitment to the national science and technology support plan, “863” plan, “973” program, national science and technology major project, national international science and technology cooperation and The National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Fund and other national projects 171, the average annual funds to nearly 100 million research funding; SCI papers were more than 420 articles in the Nature and Science magazine published six papers; obtained patent authorization 697 Of which 248 were invention patents.

Deepen exchanges and cooperation, increasing international influence. Approved by the Hanban, with the University of Budapest in Hungary to build the first Eastern and Central China Confucius Institute of Chinese medicine; is the Chinese – Hungarian Medical Forum Chinese contractor; approved by the Ministry of Education and Heidelberg, Germany Applied Technical University to organize electrical engineering and its Automation, machinery manufacturing and automation professional undergraduate program; met with Canada British Columbia University, the United States of America Georgia Rurgence University And more than 10 countries more than 30 universities to establish a substantive relationship of cooperation. The schools actively carry out international student education, currently more than 200 students in school.

Standing in the new historical starting point, century-old school with a new vitality. The school will always adhering to the “academic simultaneously, Chong Shu reuse, relying on industry, service place” philosophy, abide by the “moral knowledge, hard truth” motto, the implementation of “Strategy, adhere to the quality of the core content to take the road of development, and strive to build the school into a well-known universities.

Campus Address: 46 Xin Hua Xi Dao, Lunan Qu, Tangshan Shi, Hebei Sheng, China, 063000

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