Heilongjian University of Chinese Medicine

Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine is established in 1959. This university is also known as Heilongjiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Heilungkiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This University offer’s 5 year course. It is located in Harbin.

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Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (HLJUCM) is a top 10 universities of traditional Chinese medicine. It is an influential university with high level of teaching research and medical care for key construction and development in Heilongjiang province. Its original name was Heilongjiang Chinese Medicine School for Advanced Study. In 1996, with the approval of Ministry of Education, it was renamed to the current name. After over half century’s construction and development, this university has been developed into a high level Chinese medicine school which has high-level teaching, scientific research and medical treatment. In 2008, this university was confirmed as national clinical research base construction unit. And in 2009, it was promoted to the advanced unit in national cultural and ideological construction.

This university has 9 colleges, 7 affiliated hospitals, 1 research institute, 19 teaching hospitals, 69 training hospitals and bases. And it has 17 doctoral programs and 28 postgraduate programs. Besides, it has 18 undergraduate programs and 13 major fields covering medicine, science, liberal arts, engineering, management, law, etc. Currently, there are 13,758 full-time students at school, including 217 doctoral degree candidates, 1,118 master degree candidates, 1,155 seven-year-system students, 7,729 undergraduate students, 3,554 junior college students and 392 overseas students. Besides, this university has 3 centers for post-doctoral studies- Traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese pharmacology and combination of Chinese traditional and western medicine. It also has 4 state-level key disciplines, 4 key disciplines of state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, 18 provincial level key disciplines, etc. Since the 10th 5-year plan, it has won 19 prizes at state level and provincial level.

Campus Address: 24 Heping Road, Harbin 150040 Heilongjiang Province China.

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