Herat University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Herat University is established in 1367 as the request of the discerning people of Herat and approval of Ministry of Higher Education of that time. Although Herat from decades ago had its scientific and academic activities in Gowharshad Begom and Fakhrul Madaress, Herat University had been started its teaching and activities from  Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, and later with the establishment of faculties such as Fine Arts, Agriculture, Economy, Religious and Islamic Sciences, Engineering ,Education, Law and political science, Computer science , Journalism and mass communication science and Public policy, Stomatology, Veterinary ,Administration and Social Sciences , also 3 Institutes including agriculture and education of  Badghis, education of Farah and Ghor continue to operate, and has always been proud.

Herat University has 16 faculties and 71 departments has been able to offer thousands of male and female specialists in different fields in society.

The existence of 430 professors: including 9 people have PHD, 4 people are Professors, 8 people are Associate Professor, 15 people are Assistant Professor, 69 people are Senior Teaching Assistant, 147 people are Teaching Assistant, and 175 people are Pohyalai. 276 people are administrative and service staff, 1 person is general director of University, 2 people are vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Students Office, 1 people is director of hospital, 42 people are in charge of public management, 61 management, 12 departments, 3 officers position, 137 people are service staffs and 14897 students, which is sign of progress and growth of this institution.

In recent years, Herat University could manage and maintained relations of cooperation with a number of foreign Universities such as United States of America, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Slovakia, Iran, India and Indonesia. As a result of this cooperation teaching curriculum in faculties of Computer Science, Science, Engineering, Economics, Agriculture, Medicine, Religious and Islamic and Journalism and mass communication has been partial or totally amended and syllabi and textbooks are prepared as well.

Total area of Herat University is 140 acres of land located in Bagh Dasht, with 27 legal deeds of Enjil court and right now the buildings faculties of Fine Arts, Agriculture, Economy, Religious and Islamic Sciences, Engineering, Law and political science, Journalism and mass communication and Literature and Administrative offices are been used, besides Female dormitory building is completed this year.Education Faculty of Herat University: is 20 acres of land located in fifth district of municipalities in South West of Bagh Azadi, which includes building for head of the faculty of education, 7 teaching and administrative blocks, green space and ornamental trees, green lawns and playground as well.Area of medical faculty of Herat University is about 200,000 square meters which is located in northern of Herat city on Khwaja Abdullah Ansari Street.

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