Huanghe Science and Technology College

Huanghe Science and Technology College is established in 1984. This University offer’s 5 year course. It is located in Zhengzhou City. North by surging the Yellow River, south look Weiwei Songshan, Kui Ran is located in the Central Plains historical and cultural cities – Zhengzhou City in Henan Province. Powerful Central Plains, string without a break. Yellow River Institute of Science and Technology was born here, development, growth.

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Yellow River Institute of Science and Technology was founded in 1984, the headquarters is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, is approved by the Ministry of Education set up a private ordinary undergraduate colleges. In 1994 the first by the State Board of Education approved the implementation of specialist academic education, the first in 2000 by the Ministry of Education approved the implementation of undergraduate degree education in 2004 to obtain bachelor’s degree in 2008 in 2008 through the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching evaluation of ordinary colleges and universities; In 2013 the Ministry of Education was approved as the first batch of “Applied Science and Technology University reform pilot strategic research unit”, and become China University of Applied Sciences University of the first batch of alliance and the first batch of transformation and development of pilot colleges and universities; 2014 national higher education Teaching achievement prize two. In 2015, the school “the Yellow River public space” by the Ministry of science and technology identified as the first batch of public space, the school approved “Henan province university students entrepreneurial demonstration base”, “Henan Province, the first demonstration application technology type college”. By 2016, the school crowned the first “national innovation and entrepreneurship Colleges and Universities 50” list, schools, university science park was recognized as a national science and technology business incubator, school approved “business incubator demonstration base in Henan Province”, “Henan Province large college graduates employment and entrepreneurship advanced unit. ” The history of the school is a pioneer in the history of innovation, has twice been the United States Virginia University Business School into the teaching case, and the “People’s Daily”, “Washington Post” and other well-known Chinese and foreign media repeatedly reported.

Yellow River Institute of Science and Technology in Zhengzhou City, there are two campuses, Jiyuan City, a campus, covering more than 2,600 acres, the school building area of ​​more than 80 million square meters. There are 9 secondary disciplines such as engineering, science, literature, medicine, management and other nine disciplines; the establishment of electronic information engineering, clinical medicine, business administration, 62, etc .; College of Business School, School of Medicine, Institute of Applied Technology, Undergraduate, CNC technology, nursing and other 33 specialist professional; of which regional economics, communication and information systems, machinery manufacturing and automation of three disciplines for the Henan provincial key disciplines; nursing, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, electronic information engineering , Music performance, computer science and technology, material forming and control engineering 6 professional characteristics of Henan Province; communications engineering, material forming and control professional, economics, nursing and other four professional for the Henan province private education brand professional; There are 11 research institutes, such as nanometer functional materials institute and private education institute, etc., with national vocational skills authentication station, national university students’ practice education base outside school, Henan province campus football leading group office, Henan postdoctoral research and development base, engineering technology research center , Key disciplines, specialty, experimental teaching demonstration center and other high-level teaching and research platform 45. The existing full-time students in more than 28,000 people, with nearly 50% of senior teachers, young teachers, 80% have a graduate degree. With more than 630 teachers of various types of “dual-qualified” teachers, with Chinese Academy of Engineering, the State Council to enjoy the special government allowances experts, the Ministry of Education talents of the new century, the National Teaching Achievement Award winner , National and provincial teaching masters, provincial academic leaders and other honorary teachers more than 150 people. There are 48 high-level teaching and research platforms, such as the national vocational skill appraisal station, the national out-of-school practice education base, the national professional comprehensive reform pilot, Henan academician workstation, postdoctoral research and development base, engineering technology research center and experimental teaching demonstration center. There are 110 experiment labs, 288 experiment labs, 15 internship training bases, 316 training bases outside the university, 240 million yuan of teaching and scientific research equipment and 2.94 million books.

School for 32 years, the school uphold the “share of the country for the people, worry for the people, for the modernization of socialist construction services,” the purpose of running a school, adhere to the socialist direction, education, moral education first, founded the “party building as the core, Strengthen the ideological and political work, “the ideological and political work model; to train first-line innovative talents as the goal, and actively deepen the reform of education and teaching, to build a” Bachelor degree education and vocational skills training, “the training model for the country, The name of “have to go, to stay, with, doing well,” the application of high-quality talent. Schools around the innovation and entrepreneurship, extensive school and university, the depth of cooperation in the school, formed a distinctive combination of production and research innovation and entrepreneurship education model, set up a diversified innovation and entrepreneurship service platform, to build a three-dimensional innovation and entrepreneurship support system, Strong innovation and entrepreneurial culture, and promote the school innovation and entrepreneurship work carried out successfully. The college has won the “national graduates employment typical experience college” (national college graduates employment work 50) “national private colleges advanced unit” “national integrity self-discipline advanced unit” “HuangYanPei excellent school” “national thirty-eight red flag collective” “The” National Excellent Institutions of Higher Education “,” provincial civilized units “,” the province a good first-class grass-roots party organizations, “” Henan Province ordinary college graduates employment pioneering work advanced units “and other honors title.

Campus Address: Huazhai Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan 450000 China.

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