Hubei University of Arts and Science Medical College, China

Hubei University of Arts and Science (HBUAS) China was founded in 1905 and approved by the State Ministry of education, its a national class government comprehensive university, located in Xiangyang city, national historical and cultural city (home town of Zhuge Liang) and the second largest city of Hubei Province.

Hundreds of years ago, Longzhong Mountain was where the embodiment of the Chinese wisdom—Premier Zhuge Liang lived in seclusion in his youth. Now, with 50 years history, Xiangfan University is running here facing a turning point of development of the new century.

Hubei University of Arts and Science having history of more than 110 Years is predecessor of Xiangyang Normal College founded in 1905.In 1998, Xiangyang Normal College (Founded in 1905), Xiangfan Vocational College (Founded in 1983) and Xiangfan Institute of Education (Founded in 1984) merged to form Xiangfan University. In year 2000, Hubei College of Arts and Science merged into Xiangfan University. In 2011 Xiangfan University was renamed as Hubei University of Arts and Science. The university insists in running the school in an open manner, enhancing the communication and the cooperation with outside, setting up the favorable cooperating relationship with the related institutions of different countries:At present university has international cooperation with more than 20 universities from more than 10 countries. United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Russia, Norway, Singapore.

The university covers an area of 943.9 thousand square meters, with a building area of 526.6 thousand square meters. It has 16 colleges, offering 52 undergraduate majors in the fields of medicine, engineering, industry, trade, management, law, education, literature and the arts.

The library has 185.32 million copies of paper books and 2830GB electronic books. The university has 50 various types of laboratories, 160 multimedia classrooms and 250 internal and external training bases.

At present 18000 students are enrolled. The university has a teaching and administrative staff of 1537, with 947 full-time teachers, including 120 professors and 312 associate professors.

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