Hunan Normal University College of Medicine

Hunan Normal University College of Medicine is established in 2004.The history of the university is the university began instruction in 1938. Hunan Junior Medical College merged with the university in 2000 and the College of Medicine now awards the Bachelor of Medicine degree. This university is also known Hunan Medical College. This University offer’s 5 year course. It is located in Changsha.

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The school has 24 colleges, 3 teaching department, offering 89 undergraduate majors, covering philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, Branch categories. The school has developmental biology, ethics and other six “Twelfth Five-Year” national key disciplines, theoretical physics, mathematics in the analysis of basic research and application of English language and literature comparison and research, Hunan culture research 9 “211 project” “Three” key construction disciplines, chemistry and philosophy 22 “five” provincial key disciplines and philosophy, biology, physics, 3 Hunan province advantage characteristics of key disciplines; At present, our school has chemistry, clinical medicine 2 disciplines ESI (basic scientific indicators) ranked 1% of the world; with 17 doctoral degree authorization of a discipline, 35 master’s degree authorization of a discipline and 18 kinds of master’s degree classes, and 18 post-doctoral research station; The Ministry of education of humanities and social science research base of Hunan Normal University moral culture research center, the State Sports General Administration of sports social science research center; with “socialism with Chinese characteristics and moral culture”, “biological development engineering and new product development”, “quantum effect and Its application “3 Hunan Province” 2011 collaborative innovation center “; with Chinese language and literature, history of national liberal arts basic disciplines personnel training and scientific research base, the national life science and technology personnel training base, the national cultural quality education base, the Ministry of education 14 national talent cultivation and scientific research bases (centers), including the center of Hunan Normal University, the National Red Classical Art Education Demonstration Base, the National Outstanding Legal Personnel Education and Training Base, the National Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program Project, Petrochemical materials and resources of fine use of animal peptide drugs to create two national local joint engineering laboratories, proteomics and developmental biology, microbiology and molecular biology, two provinces to build national key laboratory cultivation base, protein chemistry and fish Developmental biology, chemical biology and traditional Chinese medicine analysis, low-dimensional quantum structure and regulation, high-performance computing and random information processing of four key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, with polyploidy fish breeding and breeding technology Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, Physical fitness and exercise rehabilitation 7 Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of peptide drugs and other 2 Hunan Engineering Laboratory, has 5 key laboratories in Hunan Province and 5 universities in Hunan Province production and research cooperation demonstration base; with Hunan Province Moral construction research base of eight Hunan province social science research base, county development research center 5 Hunan province university philosophy and social science research base; has national characteristic specialty construction point 9, national talent training mode innovation experimental area 4 10 National Excellent Courses, 9 National Excellent Resources Sharing Courses, 6 Chinese Video Open Classes, 3 National Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Courses, 9 National Teaching Achievement Awards, 4 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers 4 Two national practice base for college students, is the first batch of “national college students innovative experiment plan” project implementation unit.

The university has established cooperation and exchange relations with 151 universities and institutions in 39 countries and regions, and has carried out personnel exchange, teaching and scientific research cooperation, and has established Confucius Institutes with the Kazan Federal University of Russia, the University of South Korea and the University of Southern Utah. . School library collection of more than 392 million, of which more than 220,000 volumes of ancient books, ordering all kinds of literature database 103. The school sponsors 12 public issue of academic journals, of which the national Chinese core journals 5; school publishers for the “National Top 100 book publishing units”, the national first-level publishing house.

Since the founding of the school, the school has transported more than 40 million graduates for the country, training a large number of foreign students and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan student’s alumni at home and abroad. 36,000 students in the school, of whom nearly 9,000 graduate students, the short-term students in China more than 1,000 people, has formed a multi-level, multi-level pattern of running a school.

Campus Address: No. 371 Tongzipo Road, Yuelu District, Changsha Hunan 410013 China.

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