Ingush State University, Russia

Ingush State University is a public university in Magas, Republic of Ingushetia. It was founded in 1994 and considered to be one of the youngest public universities in Russia. With 10 faculties and 42 academic departments the university is the biggest higher education institution in the region.

Shortly after a partition of Chechen-Ingush ASSR and establishment the Republic of Ingushetia in June 4, 1992, the newly (re)created federal region was in urge of founding new higher education institution, which would gradually become the main university of the republic. In April, 1994, by the Government of Russia decree the Ingush State University has been created, founded by Russian Federation State Committee for Higher Education.

The university started functioning in September 1994, in one of the buildings of former barracks of Stavropol aviation school in Sunzha. After almost 10 years since the establishment, the Ingush State University has campuses in the main cities of Ingushetiya – Nazran, Sunzha and Magas, with newly built research labs and dorms.

The Ingush State University is one of the youngest universities in Russia. Initially, the IngSU was located in the barracks, which were not intended for the training process, which were left from the military airfield in Art. Ordzhonikidzevskaya, the area is only 2000 sq.m. The origins of the university were: Ozdoeva FG, Kurkiev AS, Malsagov AA, Dakhkilgov IA, Kodzoev MA, Martazanov AM, Akhriev AS, Sultygova Z .H., Ugurchiev OB, Batygov Z.O. and many others. Despite the difficult social and economic situation in the country and in the region, the university staff did everything possible for the further development of Ingushetia State University. Thanks to the efforts of the republic’s leadership, in the person of RI Aushev, President of RI, two buildings were built and handed over to the university: in the municipality of Gamurzievo in 1997 and in Magas in 2001

Further development of the university is connected with the election in May 2001 of the rector Martazanov Arsamak Magomedovich. Practical every year the university put into operation new buildings, actively expanded its participation in the educational and scientific life not only of Russia, but also of abroad; the participation of the university in the social and cultural life of both the Republic of Ingushetia and the region has expanded. Scientists of Ingushetia State University got modern laboratory complexes at their disposal, publishing activity increased many times: from 17 pp. scientific production in 2000 to 610 bp. in 2010. The Library Fund of IngSU for the period from 2001 to 2010 grew more than 50 times. Students received at their disposal several buses, which bring them to study and back to remote points of the republic.

The University trains highly qualified specialists in 41 specialties and training areas, 19 internships and residency courses and 12 postgraduate courses. The training of specialists is led by a scientific and pedagogical staff of 470 people, including 62 professors, doctors of science and 209 associate professors, candidates of science. Of the staff of the PPS, 21 people were awarded with the badge “Honored Worker of Higher Education in Russia”, 35 Honored Scientists of the Republic of Ingushetia, 9 members of the Social and Professional Academy.
The total contingent of students according to 2012 – 10387 people, including full-time education – 4627 people. 55.7 percent of the total contingent of students is trained at the expense of the state budget (5783). Annually, about 1,000 graduates of schools and other educational institutions enter the first year of the university, the average competition for admission to IngSU – 5.7 people per place, the average score of the EGE coming -65.7.
Graduates of the university work in virtually all spheres of the national economy, both in the Republic of Ingushetia and abroad.

The Ingush State University carries out extensive social work. In addition to the fact that the main efforts of the team are aimed at active development, increase of the audit fund, scientific and technical base, constant and steady improvement of the quality of education, the leadership of IngSU has found opportunities to help employees and students belonging to the contingent of orphans, needy families, refugees from North Ossetia and The Chechen Republic, etc. Every year hundreds of students and employees go to health-improving rest on the Black Sea coast, organized by the leadership of the university. In addition, within the framework of this assistance program, subprograms for housing construction for employees, transportation of employees and students from remote areas of the republic are being implemented on an ongoing basis, student exchange programs are being implemented.
The Ingush State University, many of its scientists and pupils have proved themselves from the best side both in domestic education and science, and abroad. The staff of the university does not stop there and actively increases its scientific and educational potential, which allows it to look to the future with confidence.

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