International Medical School, Management and Science University, Malaysia

The International Medical School offers programme of study for students who have keen interests in the areas of medicine and medical sciences. The school is established with the primary aim to groom future medical doctors and healthcare professionals with skill sets and professionalism to be the higher-order professionals the industry needs. It strives to produce committed and concerned doctors, medical scientist and healthcare professionals who are highly knowledgeable and sensitive to the health needs of the communities.

The School has two campuses, in Bangalore, India and in Shah Alam. The IMS campus in Bangalore focuses entirely on the MBBS Degree programme (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery).
At its Shah Alam campus, IMS offers 3 programmes and these are MBBS degree, Bachelor of Medical Science and Diploma in Medical Science.

IMS is committed to serving community’s health needs. It aims to groom future medical doctors and healthcare professionals with the skillset and professionalism required in the medical industry, and to produce highly knowledgeable, committed, and concerned doctors, medical scientists, and healthcare professionals.

MSU has developed a five year medical course featuring three phases of study through its International Medical School (IMS). They are namely Phase 1 (Year 1), Phase 2 (Year 2) and Phase 3 (Year 3,4 & 5). Both Phases I and II are delivered through system-based modules. Phase III is conducted through discipline-based postings as below

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Obstetric & Gynecology
  • Pediatric
  • Psychiatry
  • Primary Care
  • Orthopedics
  • Emergency Medicine, and,
  • short postings .

While Years 1 & 2 focuses on basic medical sciences and offer 11 & 10 modules respectively, Year 3 focuses on Introduction to Basic Clinical Skills and knowledge. Later, Year 4 introduces different Specialties and the Year 5 concentrates on consolidation of the clinical skills and knowledge.

The Honours degree of Bachelor in Medical Sciences is structured to provide students the opportunities to delve into a range of medical sciences and allied health fields. This programme embraces interdisciplinary teaching-learning approach to expose students to the in-depth understanding of human body, health and diseases. This includes solid foundations of Medical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Public Health Medicine, Haemopoetic and Lymphoid System, Biostatics and Nutrition in Medical Sciences.

MSU Library and Resource Center (LRC) boasts an extensive collection of learning and reference materials, for students and staff to do their studies or research. The references include monographer, books, magazines, journals, thesis, and also student project report, mainstream newspapers, past year examination questions. Web-based full-text online journals and electronic books are also available for users access. Students can easily access, read, download, or print journal articles or books via the internet. The LRC is fully automated and our own computerized system, LIS (Library Information System), provides users information on the availability of books or material etc.

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