Jiamusi University

Jiamusi University is located in Jiamusi, a charming city in Heilongjiang Province of China. It is in the center of the beautiful and rich Sanjiang Plain and beside the enchanting Songhua River. The university was established in 1947.

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Ministry of Education of metal wear-resistant materials and surface technology engineering research center, the former Ministry of health rehabilitation medicine talent training base, the Ministry of education to study and training base in Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang province Medical training center, Heilongjiang hospital residents standardized training base, Heilongjiang Province, Jiamusi Sino-Russian science and technology cooperation center, colleges and universities in Heilongjiang Province to build wear-resistant materials R & D center, Heilongjiang Province Sanjiang regional cultural research academic exchange base in our school; “Jiamusi University Social Science Journal “,” Jiamusi University Natural Science Journal “,” Heilongjiang Medical Science “three journals at home and abroad public offering.

The school has three affiliated hospitals, a school hospital (community health service center); has well-equipped sports venues and modern music hall; to achieve the campus network wired and wireless full coverage and campus card; with modern digital library, and can With the center platform, immersed classrooms, recording and broadcasting classroom and has achieved full coverage of digital classroom, teachers and students can provide a good for the majority of ubiquitous learning and scientific research and development, in order to ensure that the quality of the books and materials, surroundings.

Schools adhere to the open school, and Russia, Japan, Korea, the United States, Britain and other 11 countries and regions 44 colleges and universities to establish friendly and cooperative relations. As the Chinese Government Scholarship Program to study abroad, students from more than 50 countries are invited to study in China.

Campus Address: Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, No. 148 Xuefu Street, Postal Code: 154 007

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Mr. Arun Bapna +919001099110 (Also on WhatsApp, IMO & Viber)

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