Jinci College of Shanxi Medical University

Shanxi Medical University Jinci College was founded in 2002, by the Ministry of Education, Shanxi Provincial People’s Government approved the establishment of full-time ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities in Shanxi Province are the only one of the medical professional-based independent college. College is located in a long history of 2500 years of cultural city of Taiyuan, the campus covers an area of ​​330 acres, green area of ​​40% or more, garden-style campus scenery, surrounded by green, green grass, quiet and elegant, The ideal place. College based in Shanxi, for the country part of the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions enrollment, focusing on training students innovation and practical ability to cultivate “composite, applied, technical” medical talents for the characteristics of the hospital since the training of medical and health professionals Million.

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une 2002, approved by the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government, (Jin Zheng letter [2002] 118) Shanxi Medical University Jinci College was established for the Shanxi Medical University two college. In 2003, the college for the first time recruited medical undergraduate students. In March 2004, it was recognized by the Ministry of Education as an independent college (No. 42 [2004] of the Ministry of Education). It is the only independent medical college in Shanxi Province. It has an independent legal person, an independent campus, independent finance and independent diploma The From 2003 to 2005, has set up clinical medicine, preventive medicine, anesthesiology, forensic medicine, oral medicine, pharmacy, imaging, nursing, information management and information systems, social work, public utilities management, Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical preparations, English and other 14 professional. Since 2006, the College of the students to carry out the entire process of training, professional settings mainly clinical medicine, nursing, oral medicine, information management and information systems, social work, public utilities management six professional. College of Shanxi Medical University, relying on a solid faculty, all medical professional teaching courses by the Shanxi Medical University Academic Affairs Office arrangements and organize the implementation. In 2009, the college has set up its own basic teaching and research section and physical education teaching and research section, respectively, to bear the college students in English classes and physical education teaching tasks. In 2014, our hospital under the leadership of the new leadership under the profound knowledge of the existing clinical medicine, nursing, management of the three departments and the Department of Basic Medicine, were set up clinical medicine, oral medicine, anesthesiology, nursing, preventive medicine 5 undergraduate Professional, has become a multi-disciplinary, multi-school higher medical institutions.

College in accordance with the national “second five” long-term education development plan, in the further optimization of clinical medicine on the basis of professional brand, for clinical students to develop international students in Italy, the United States and other foreign countries, To create a strong school strength, distinctive characteristics of the brand, and for the nursing students to create a foreign internship, employment channels. To clinical medicine and nursing professional as a leader, the only medical imaging technology in Shanxi Province to do a special feature, to focus on other professional and coordinated development.

Campus Address: Taiyuan, Jinci, Shanxi Medical University Jinci College

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