Kabul Medical University Faculty of Curative Medicine, Afghanistan

Kabul Medical University  formerly known as Kabul Medical Institute) is located in Kabul, Afghanistan on the campus of Kabul University.

In 1932 Medical School was established as first core higher education institution.In 1980 Faculty of pediatric and faculty of Stomatology added to the medical school and the name of medical school change to the State Kabul Medical Institute.In 2004 it promoted to Kabul Medical University.In 2005 pediatric faculty was dissolved.In 2005 faculty of nursing was established.In 2010 faculty of public health was established.In 2011 faculty of allied health was established.In 2015 community college was established.In 2016 Kabul Medical University was promoted to Kabul University of Medical Sciences .

It currently graduates professionals in fields of Curative Medicine, Pediatric, Stomatology, Dental and Nursing. All subjects are taught in Dari and Pashto but most medical terms are in English.

The Library of Kabul Medical University is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical libraries in the country. In the year 1311, along with the establishment of Public Management Publications and Faculty of Medicine, the library has been established since the foundation of the establishment of effective services in the field of supplying and providing information for professors and It has been the students and over time, the efforts and efforts of the officials have been dedicated to its cultivation. In the 1950s and 60s, the library became one of the most well-equipped and credible libraries in the region, and as the WHO’s Folklore Libraries accepted the wiki of World Health Organization projects

For the time being, the library has 8417 tittle books, totaling 16,935 books, and more than 5000 thousand journals of various medical forms from reputable national and international reciters. A total of 312 volumes of undergraduate students’ monographs are 20 volumes of faculty professors. All books are in the computer database of this library.

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