Kandahar University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Kandahar University  is a government funded higher learning institution in Kandahar, Afghanistan. It is one of two universities in southern AfghanistanKandahar University was established in 1990 based on the national developing policy of the government in the education sector in the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education. At first it had only one faculty of agriculture. After that faculties of medicine, engineering, education, sharia law, economics and journalism were established in 1994, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2009 and 2012 correspondingly.

In addition to that two faculties (Agricultural and Education) are established as a branch of Kandahar University in Helmand province. Currently, Kandahar University has around 5000 students and 162 full- and part-time professors. Out of 162 professors 28 have MSc and one has a PhD. The university has 1039 alumni from four faculties (agriculture, medicine, engineering and education). The university has night classes for students who are not able to attend during the day as well as in-service employees of public, private and NGOs.

Computer Science has three departments: Department of Software Engineering, Department of Networking, and Department of Database

The campus covers an area of more than 600,000 m2. It has 11 buildings, of which one is the Administration and Chancellor’s office, four buildings for a hostel, one for each faculty and one for the Central Library.

There is a separate girls’ hostel. Allama Habibi library established in the (1992) in Kandahar University academic campus. The central library is named after the writer of Afghanistan, Allamah Habibi. The library contains 42,000 books, most of which are in English language but some in Pashto and Dari.

The Medical faculty was established in 1994, second at the university after the Faculty of Agriculture. The university has graduated 250 students in bachelor’s degrees.

The department of IT provides computer skills and internet facilities for the students of Kandahar University. The department has a computer lab which contains 40 computers plus an Internet facility.

The campus has both boys’ and girls’ hostels. Four buildings are specified for boys’ hostels. Each building consist about 44 rooms.

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