Kateb University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Kateb University, is a pioneering private institutions in the field of higher education in Afghnistan. In 2007, during an official ceremony with the presence of a group of faculty members, representatives of the mass media, members of the parliament and groups of students in the auditorium at the Ministry of Higher Education, achieved its official permission. Kateb held its first University Entrance Test (UET) in 2007, with the presence of the Ministry of Higher Education’s Supervisory Committee, and 350 students from among the participants were admitted to enter Kateb University.

in the year 2010, approximately 1200 students were studying at the University; and in 2012 the number of students reached to 2005 students, in ten academic disciplines. Kateb University grants admission to students by holding a general University Entrance Test (UET) at the beginning of every year and a mid-semester UET when the demands are high.

Students who have the high school diploma of the 12th grade, approved by the Ministry of Education, can participate in the University Entrance Test. Faculty of Medicine at Kateb University was established in 2011.

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