Kazan Federal University Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, Russia

Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology (IFMB) is one of the most intensively developing institutes of Kazan Federal University, which consists of more than 60 subdivisions: departments, research laboratories, clinical base in the Republican Clinical Hospital № 2, museums, the Botanical Garden et.c.

Biomedical Center of Collective Use comprises:

  • Genomic Center
  • Proteomic Center
  • Laboratory of Neurobiology
  • Biobank
  • Center of Biomedical Microscopy
  • Vivarium
  • Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Pharmacy Research & Education center
  • Translational Medicine Center.
  • and other highly specialized laboratories.

A unique world-class Medical Simulation Center created at IFMB. It includes a hospital model, Dental Phantom Class, and Simulators Engineering Center. Perspective scientific directions are developed in the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, such as fundamental medicine (molecular biomedicine, biomedical engineering), bionanotechnology and biomaterials, living systems technologies, bioinformatics, space biology, biodiversity and bioinvasions.

KFU has been active in the field of education and science, collaborating with universities in more than 70 countries around the world; teaching is conducted in English and Russian languages. IFMB graduates have skills in microscopy, gene diagnostics, nanotechnology, NMR, EPR and possess high professional skills.

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