Luohe Medical College

Luohe, is the international food city, the world’s top 500 enterprises Shuanghui Group headquarters location. Luohe, is the Chinese cultural city of Chinese characters, “Wenzong Zi Zu” Xu Shen hometown. Luohe, is the Central Plains region attractive ecological livable city, the two major tributaries of the Huaihe River Shahe, Li River in the urban intersection, “a city spring half city water.” The beautiful Luohe Medical College, the source of the campus is located in the national 4A-level sand Li River Scenic Area; Zhao Ling campus adjacent to the national key cultural relics protection units – Xu Shen Cultural Park, is the ideal place for students to learn self-cultivation.

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Luohe Medical College is the May 2004 menstrual Ministry of Education approved the establishment of full-time public general college. The school was founded in 1924, formerly known as the American Sabbath Church Shingji Hospital nurses school, Henan Province is the earlier Western medical personnel training schools, nearly a hundred years, the school six moved to the site, seven more school name, after the vicissitudes of life, string song is not cease. In July 2004, Comrade Li Keqiang visited the school, instructed the grassroots level, and more urgent need for medical professionals, for the province to contribute to the development of health care. Schools follow the instructions of the Prime Minister, adhere to the “grass-roots level, service industry,” the school positioning, the implementation of “school-wide, medical and educational integration” personnel training model to speed up infrastructure construction and teaching infrastructure, school strength and school level continues to improve, has become A medical science-based, engineering disciplines and professional development of the medical college, for the community to cultivate a large number of high-quality applied, skilled personnel. China Science Evaluation Research Center released 2017 – 2018 China Higher Vocational College evaluation report, Luohe medical ranked first in the province of medical professionals, the third medical school.

The school now covers an area of ​​1539 acres, construction area of ​​400,000 square meters; school headquarters equipment value of 114 million yuan, more than 100 million books. There are medicine, engineering two disciplines, clinical medicine, oral medicine, nursing, Chinese medicine, prevention and other 15 professional. Full-time college students in more than 12,000, of which with the Xinxiang Medical College joint enrollment, a separate training of four clinical undergraduate students in 198 students. The existing staff of 3753 people (including affiliated hospital), full-time teachers 872 people, 5100 high school titles, master’s degree teachers 566 people. Provincial teaching teacher, academic and technical leaders and other 33 people, municipal professional and technical top-notch talent 42 people, enjoy the government special allowance 13 experts, “double teacher” 330 teachers. The implementation of flexible cited system, double recruitment of Southern Medical University, the Fourth Military Medical University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xiangya School of Medicine and other well-known medical institutions, scientific research institutes, doctoral tutor and so on more than 100 experts and scholars for the school visiting professor , Regularly to school lectures.

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