Medical College of Yan’an University, China

Yanan University is the first comprehensive university established by the Communist Party of China, which is located in the revolutionary holy place of Yanan. In 1941, Mao Zedong established Yanan University by merging the Shanbei Public School with the Woman’s University of China, the Zedong School of Young Cadres, the Yanan School of Natural Sciences, the School of Nationalities, the Shanganning Border Region School of Administration and the Xinwenzi Cadre School. Through the Shanbei Public School, the history of Yanan University dates back to 1937.

Yanan University has developed into a comprehensive university of liberal arts, science, engineering, administration, medicine, education and law. Today the university has twenty-one schools, one independent college in Xian and three affiliated hospital schools. There are fourty-nine undergraduate programs, including such disciplines as literature, science, engineering, management science, medicine, pedagogy, economics, history and agriculture.

There is a faculty of more than 1400 members, including over 300 professors. Among them forty-one teachers have Doctor’s Degree and 293 Bachelor’s Degree; also 159 are supervisors of postgraduates.

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