Medical University of Lublin, Poland

Medical University of Lublin has its origins in the year 1944 in Lublin, Poland. The university gained its autonomy in 1950. As the years passed, new departments were added such as the Department of Dentistry in 1973. An agreement with the Hope Medical Institute in the United States was signed in the early 1990s, which initiated a program of teaching medicine to English-speaking students at the Medical University of Lublin. Thereafter a four-year MD program was formed. The history of teaching medicine in Lublin is the history of people, places, research initiatives, thanks to which this university could not only arise, but also to develop and achieve successes, first as the Academy (Medicine) (1950-2008), since 2008 as a university . The aim of this paper is to present the history of the Medical University in the context of its cultural presence in the history of Lublin and the region.

The Medical University of Lublin is divided into four faculties: I Faculty of Medicine with Dentistry Division, II Faculty of Medicine with English Language Division, Faculty of Pharmacy with Medical Analytics Division and Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences. Currently, almost 7.000 people, over 1.000 of whom are foreign students from as many as 53 countries, are enrolled on degree courses.

MUL offers 15 programmes in the following fields of study and specializations: Medical Analytics, Biomedicine, Dietetics, Electroradiology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Dental Hygiene, Cosmetology, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Obstetric Nursing, Emergency Medicine, Dental Techniques, Public Health.

The candidates are offered a wide choice of inmural and extramural degree programmes at three levels: 1st (Bachelor) and long cycle studies (Master), 2nd cycle studies (Master) and 3rd cycle studies (Doctoral). In addition, the University runs various postgraduate courses and workshops in the field of medicine and health sciences.

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