Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

The Medical University of Warsaw  was founded in January 1950, building on the University of Warsaw’s former Faculty of Medicine, which had been established in the early nineteenth century. The Medical University of Warsaw is the largest medical school in Poland, and one of the most prestigious.

Warsaw Medical University is a modern academic center with more than two hundred years of history. Its unquestionable leader position on the educational map of Poland owes to its faithfulness to the best university traditions and to the dynamic development on the other.At the Warsaw Medical University there are 9 413 students, 513 PhD students and 250 postgraduate students . There are 1725 academic teachers , including 173 professors (30.06.2016).

The English Division of the Second Faculty of Medicine was established in 1993 at the Medical University of Warsaw for students interested in studying medicine in English.

The Division offers medical programme for high school graduates and for college/university graduates. At the end of the program the graduates are awarded the MD degree and receive a medical diploma recognized in the European Union, USA, Canada and most other countries of the world (for precise information on diploma recognition in particular countries, consult appropriate legal acts).

Having completed the basic science part of the study programme, the students are eligible to sit for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Step I and for the USMLE Step II on completion of the clinical part of the programme.

Foreign students who decide to start their medical education at the Medical University of Warsaw can get a financial support by applying for student loans in their home countries.

Basic science and pre-medical training of the English Division students are provided in the form of lectures, seminars and practical classes by more than 70 departments and clinics of the Medical University of Warsaw and affiliated to the University. Clinical training facilities at affiliated hospitals are regularly evaluated in order to ensure the effectiveness and high quality of clinical training.

Banacha Campus, most often identified with the Medical University of Warsaw, is located in a large area between Banacha, Żwirki i Wigury, Księcia Trojdena and Pawińskiego streets. Here is the Rectorate Building that houses Dean’s Offices for the First and the Second Faculty of Medicine, The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry  and the Faculty of Health Sciences. Banacha Campus also includes Library and Computer Center that is adjacent to the Recorate Building; and buildings of the Pharmacy Faculty and the Central Clinical Hospital. The Lindleya Campus consists of the Infant Jesus Hospital – Center for Injuries Treatment, the Biostructure Center, Dom Medyka, historical building of the Main Library and Forensic Medicine Department.

The Main Library of the Medical University of Warsaw gathers various library materials and makes them available to the students, University employees and the public.

The Library building houses: Students Library, the Main Reading Room, Journals Reading Room and Multi-Media Internet Reading Room. Students preparing to their histology or anatomy exams can use microscopes and skull models available in the Main Reading Room.

The Collection of books on medicine and related sciences has over  301, 000 copies. These are: manuals, monographs, encyclopedias, dictionaries and guides. The Library offers also access to e-books of publishing houses such as Springer, Walters Kluwer, LWW, PWN< PZWL or WNT.

The collection of journals has 132,00 volumes, which gives a few thousand of scientific periodicals, mainly in Polish and in English. The Library subscribes 301 titles of Polish journals and 43 foreign ones. There are also special collections such as collection of antique books, doctoral dissertations, master’s thesis and bachelor’s thesis written at the Medical University of Warsaw as well as a collection of video cassettes and CDs.

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