University of Oradea Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Oradea also called Oradea medical university (Oradea medical school) is one of 15 faculties of Oradea University.  Founded in 1991, today, the faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Oradea provides undergraduate and postgraduate medical studies in English and Romanian. Admission to medical studies in Oradea is by entrance exam for EU/EEA students and by application document selection for non-EU/EEA students.

The University of Oradea  is a public university located in Oradea in north-western Romania.The university has a total of 123 fields of study for undergraduates and 151 post-graduate specialisation degrees. The university employs 1600 people, of which 935 are teaching personnel, and over 19,000 students.

Oradea faculty of medicine and pharmacy

  • General medicine: 6-year program, available in English and in Romanian;
  • Dentistry:  6-year program, available in English and in Romanian;
  • Pharmacy: 5-year program, available in Romanian;
  • Nursing 4-year program, available in Romanian;
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation: 3-year program, available in Romanian;
  • Radiology and Imaging: 3-year program, available in Romanian;
  • Technician in dentistry: 3-year program, available in Romanian;

The clinical courses are taking place in the Bihor County Hospital, the Municipality Hospital and the Pelican Hospital.

The University of Oradea is collaborating with 214 universities, institutes and companies from 31 countries.It is integrated in the European Union’s Socrates and Erasmus programs. There are over 800 international students enrolled in various Faculties.

The University of Oradea has three lecture halls, each with 640 seats, 22 amphitheatres with a total of 1940 seats, as well as 60 lecture and seminar rooms. The facilities of the university have a 200-seat dining hall and two dormitories for boarding students. The new library is still under construction which, when completed, will be one of the largest in Romania.The university has an additional facility at Stâna de Vale, in the Apuseni mountains of Bihor county, which includes accommodations as well as educational and recreational facilities.

2 own hostels situated in the campus that offer 656 seats, 3 hostels situated in Oradea and Sânmartin (588 seats) and a hotel in Baile Felix Spa (300 seats). Moreover, it is stipulated the construction of 6 own hostels having 800 seats.The campus, covering an area of 14300 square m., it is one of the cosiest university campuses in Romania.

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