Moscow State Medical and Dental University, Russia

Moscow State Medical and Dental University (MSMSU) was and remains one of the flagships of higher medical education, being one of the largest in the country and Europe educational and scientific and practical center, Russia’s leading institution for dental education and training of medical professionals. MGMSU has modern educational buildings, clinics and laboratories on the basis of which 11 faculties function: dental, medical, economic, faculty of clinical psychology, penitentiary medicine, post-graduate education, secondary vocational education, faculty of pedagogical education in higher medical school, faculty of pre-university training, the Moscow regional faculty and the faculty of social work.

The pedagogical and human resources of the University is unique. 114 professors work at 114 departments with exceptional pedagogical skills: 23 academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, more than 1500 doctors and candidates of medical sciences, professors, 66 honored doctors of the Russian Federation, 29 honored scientists, laureates of state and international prizes.

The clinics and departments of the university are teams that unite professional professionals in all fields of modern medical science. Many clinics have on their armament the methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, which have no analogues in Russia and in the world. Long-term experience and scientific potential of the departments of MGMSU allow to actively work within the framework of the priority national project “Health” in the field of health, offering unique methods and developments for achieving the strategically important goal of the state.

Solving the main tasks in the field of educational activity, the university prepares qualified specialists using modern management and control systems that guarantee high quality of education, introduces new specialties, develops elite and mass educational professional programs, implements the functions of the main center for the development and approbation of state educational standards, provides the needs of the individual, society and the state in a wide range of educational programs.

The educational program of MGMSU “Development and implementation of innovative health and resource-saving technologies in educational and medical processes” provided the university with a victory in the competition among medical universities in Russia. The strategic goal of implementing the innovation program is to systematically reform the educational process in various areas and specialties using advanced information and communication technologies.

The university uses the most advanced methods of teaching students using modern and relevant textbooks and teaching aids, including those written by leading scientific personnel of MGMSU. In the MSMSU Library, an electronic catalog for 10,000 items of storage has been developed and implemented, which allows for a quick search of necessary literature. Computer technologies have found wide application in the educational process of the university: a high level of visualized lectures, the ability to model various diseases with the use of multimedia technologies, the creation of visual programs to control the knowledge and self-preparation of the student help to acquire a strong knowledge.

At the Department of the History of Medicine MGMSU developed, patented and implemented unique training programs. These include the historical medical photobase, the use of which allows you to quickly search for the required image from several thousand photographs, as well as a visualized test program and historical maps of the format of the DWD. In addition to the application of technical capabilities, introduction of phantom courses and teaching of manual skills are very important for increasing the visibility and assimilation of theoretical material.

Stable for many decades, the quality of training specialists, guaranteed by the system of control of educational activities, provides high prestige of the graduate of the university in our country and abroad, and the diploma of the MGMSU promotes the employment of a young specialist and his rapid career growth. During the existence of the university there is a high competition among applicants who want to study at our university. The University has traditionally been able to select among all applicants the most capable and trained, and the status of a student at MGMSU is obtained by the best of the best entrants.

Extremely important for our university, as for any university, was the licensing and accreditation procedure, which required the mobilization of all the forces and resources of the educational institution. About two years all faculties and departments of MGMSU were preparing for a comprehensive audit of their activities. This check, conducted by authoritative commissions with the participation of well-known scientists, eminent personalities of public health and education, was completed at the end of 2008, and Order No. 521 of 11.03.2009 from the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sverdlovsk Oblast. our university is recognized as accredited for a period of 5 years with the confirmation of the status of “university”. Undoubtedly, this result, which gives our team new strengths, we consider as confirmation of the highest competence of the professorial and teaching staff of our departments, employees of medical and research units of the Moscow State University of Medicine,

Within the framework of our innovative university, a new understanding of the content of the educational space is formed by the faculty of the faculty, in which we seek to combine traditional forms, methods, methods, and tools with modern approaches based, among other things, on the latest innovative and communicative technologies. This approach, in our opinion, opens new horizons for training, monitoring and evaluation of students’ knowledge, strengthens the research capabilities of the university, allows the introduction of new, more effective models of administration and management.

Thus, all our activities are aimed at ensuring that young people who were fortunate enough to enter MGMSU and obtain a diploma from our university did not worry about their professional future, and patients of our clinics, treatment and prophylactic complexes, and other medical units were guaranteed the most effective medical assistance in accordance with the highest international standards.

The achievements of our university, which we have as a result of everyday hard work, are our main holidays.

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