Mudanjiang Medical University

Mudanjiang Medical College is a province of Heilongjiang Province in the southeastern region Ψ a province of ordinary undergraduate medical institutions. The school was founded in 1958, the famous historian Mr. Guo Moruo wrote the school name. The school after the Mudanjiang Medical College (1958-1962), Mudanjiang Health School (1962 – 1978), Mudanjiang Medical College (1978-1986), Mudanjiang Medical College (1986 to date) and other historical periods. 2010 was listed as the characteristics of Heilongjiang Province applied undergraduate colleges and universities construction single λ. In 2012 was named the first batch of outstanding doctors education and training program project pilot colleges and universities. In 2013, you received the right to grant a master’s degree. In 2015, in the Ministry of Education clinical medicine certification in the 6-year validity, ranking the leading level of local medical colleges and universities.

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The school is located in the beautiful scenery of the national excellent tourist city – Mudanjiang, covers an area of ​​770,000 square meters, construction area of ​​341,300 square meters, teaching and research equipment worth 146 million yuan, total assets of 800 million yuan.

Undergraduate enrollment for the country 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, the existing full-time graduate students, undergraduate 10625 people. The school offers 20 undergraduate programs such as clinical medicine, medical imaging technology, pharmaceutical engineering, and public utilities management, covering four disciplines of medicine, science, engineering and management. Among them, clinical medicine, medical imaging, anesthesiology, medical examination is the provincial key professional, medical imaging is a class of professional characteristics of the province, a national level of professional construction and provincial talent training model innovation experimental area, oral medicine Listed as undergraduate a table enrollment. Clinical medicine, basic medicine, biology and nursing for the master’s degree λ authorized a discipline. Basic medicine, biology, internal medicine and imaging medicine and nuclear medicine for the provincial key disciplines; pharmacy and surgery for the provincial key disciplines. Human anatomy, histology and embryology, medical genetics, pathogen biology, medical imaging equipment and diagnostics for the provincial boutique resource sharing courses.

The school has 2460 faculty members, including a senior staff of 723 people, with a master’s degree or more staff of 762 people. Doctoral tutor, master tutor 187 people, with Longjiang scholars Distinguished Professor, the State Council and the provincial government special allowance holders, the provincial teaching teacher, the provincial outstanding young experts and the provincial health system has outstanding contributions to the young experts 24 people, Provincial leading talent echelon, provincial university science and technology innovation team, provincial teaching team 5. More than 100 teachers served as director of the National Association, the provincial association vice chairman and other academic positions.

The school has advanced teaching and scientific research base, the existing two key laboratories in Heilongjiang Province (anti-fibrosis biological therapy laboratory, anesthesia and Σ heavy disease laboratory), two key colleges and universities in Heilongjiang Province (tissue damage and repair Laboratory, tumor disease prevention and control laboratories); relying on the school to build a database of biomedical technology in Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province, post-doctoral innovation and entrepreneurship practice base, Heilongjiang Province, colleges and universities to build engineering technology research and development centers and Mudanjiang North medicine development experimental base Scientific research platform; basic medicine experimental teaching center, clinical skills experimental teaching center and pharmaceutical experiment teaching center for the Heilongjiang province experimental teaching demonstration center.

In recent years, the school teachers to participate in the preparation of 293 teaching materials, including 68 editorial materials; commitment to national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects more than 140; commitment to provincial and ministerial level education and teaching research topics 178; provincial and ministerial level science and technology award 61 , Provincial and ministerial level teaching achievement award 27; published academic papers 12836, which was the three major search papers 491. In 2009, the cooperation won the national technology invention two prize 1. “Journal of Mudanjiang Medical College” at home and abroad public offering.

Campus Address: No. 3, Tongxiang Street, Ai Min District, Mudanjiang City, China Post Code: 157011

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