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NEET 2017 Results Out – See What You Have Scored and Now What Should be the Next Step?

About NEET 2017: A total of 11, 38,890 students registered for this examination, including 1522 NRIs, 480 OCIs, 70 PIOs & 613 Foreigners. It was conducted in 10 languages at 1,921 Exam Centres in 103 cities.

Result Details: Today (23 June 2017) CBSE has declared the result for NEET – UG 2017,

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What Next: Based on result, make your next move. Discuss with parents about budget for medical education and available opportunities. If your NEET Score or Academics or Budget does not allow for private college, accept it and make sure you do not drop/waste a year. What should we do, if we should not drop ?

Here are the priority wise options suggest by AB Sir (Founder of Call/Whats app 9001099110

  • Option 1: If you are getting admission in India through NEET Counseling & Admission Process (Any of the Government [subject to merit] or Private [subject to merit & budget] College), if yes, Grab it Immediately, Secure your seat as per the norms.
  • Option 2: Being doctor is more important, if you are not getting admission in India, apply for MBBS Abroad.
  • Option 3: If your budget is below 15 Lakh (for next 5 years, to be paid in installments) or if your parents are not interested in sending you for MBBS Abroad, opt for other courses like BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BDS or Nursing, Pharmacy, BSc but Do not drop. Because budget will remain as it is, every year fees will increase.

Do Not Drop, Know Why: Dropping year will neither increase your budget nor decrease the competition. In 2017 Exam almost 11.38 Lakhs students appeared for 55000 to 57000 seats. Based on the figures every year almost 95% to 96% students fail to secure seat for MBBS in India (Including Govt. and Private), if we do not consider seats of private medical colleges (due to high budget is not in reach of each and every parents) this figure cross 97% to 98% students failing to secure seat in India. So scenario of competition and cost will not change if you drop, No one can guarantee for admission, But you will surely loose 1 important year of your career, if you drop your admission will be delayed by 1 year that means extra cost of 1 year’s coaching + living cost (Approx Loss of 2 Lakh) and loss of doctor’s salary (Approx Loss of 4 Lakh) for 1 year, generally fees also changes every year means loss of 50k, 100k or 150k (equal to 1.5 lakh) rupees for the duration of course (4.5/5/6 years) (Approx Loss of 5 Lakh), means just by dropping you lost 10 lakh and 1 important year or your life and experience.

Real Information About MCI Screening Test (Also known as FMGE/Exit Test/NEXT): This exam in conducted by NBE (National Board of Examination), Students need to score only 50% to clear this exam, students also need to understand that this exam is not the competitive exam, no merit will be prepared, no rank system is there, anyone who score above 50% will get the license to practice. This exam is conducted twice in a year and Bangladesh is considered as most preferred option based on the results. It is expected that Exit exam/MCI Screening Test/FMGE will be applicable for all medical graduates completing MBBS from India or Abroad. Government has also declared the name of this exam will be NEXT (National Exit Test).

Be Aware: Do not think or plan for management quota, back door entry, be aware of such calls/SMS for MBBS in India, not even a single college makes call/sms to attract student, stay away from fraud trying to attract/confuse/convince students & parents for MBBS Admission in India.

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