Paktia University Faculty of Medicine, Afghanistan

Paktia University  is a public institution in the city of Gardez in Paktia Province, eastern Afghanistan.

Paktia University was established in 2004. Until March 2009, the university shared a building with a teacher training college.

The institution has an enrollment of approximately 5,000 students with a dominant number of male students. It consists of two faculties in fields of agriculture and education, medical, law and political science, engineering, economics. There are approximately 145 professors.

Aryana University was a private higher education institute for the Afghan refuges based in Peshawar, Pakistan. After long requests by the people of Paktia Province, the university was merged into Paktia University.

Before the merger, the institution had an enrollment of approximately 1,000 students in the faculties of Agriculture and Education. After the merger, the number of students was increased to approximately 3,000 with an addition of three more faculties: Medical, Engineering and Law

Paktia University has established a huge library within a two storey building; the upper floor contains a large auditorium and an electronic library with more than 7000 e-books and 9000 journals.  It is opened from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM, from Saturday to Thursday.

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