Pingliang Medical College, China

Gansu Medical College is a full-time general medical university with a long history of running schools and a fine tradition of running schools. It was formerly known as the Pingliang District Health School in Gansu Province , which was founded in 1958. In 2003 , it was upgraded to Pingliang Medical College, 2015 . Approved by the Ministry of Education upgraded to medical colleges.

The college is located in the first peak of Taoism in the world of Taoism. It is located in the eastern foothills of the Taoist Temple, which covers an area of 805 acres, covers an area of 222,000 square meters , and has 540 million yuan in fixed assets . It has 28 party and government and teaching and scientific research institutions. There are 1,236 faculty members (including affiliated hospitals) and 6,528 students of all levels.

The college has 445 full-time teachers , 174 senior titles (including 31 of them) , 10 doctors and 152 masters . At the same time, the college has also hired 10 academicians and 49 doctors as adjunct professors from well-known medical colleges such as Peking Union Medical College and Tianjin Medical University to attend regular lectures and academic exchanges. Among the teachers, 184 were awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Individual in National Health System”, “Teacher Famous Teacher”, “Gardener Award”, “Advanced Individual in Teachers’ Morals”, and “Professional Model of Moral Education” at the provincial level. In the past five years, 120 people have served as the deputy editor-in-chief editor and editorial board of the Ministry of Education’s planning textbooks. They have published 1,438professional papers in provincial-level publications and have obtained 336 scientific research awards at or above the provincial level .

The college now offers five undergraduate majors in clinical medicine, nursing science, medical inspection technology, pharmacy, and Chinese medicine, oral medicine, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, medical inspection technology, sanitary inspection and quarantine technology, Chinese medicine, and rehabilitation. Technical, acupuncture and massage, medical imaging technology eleven professional. Among them, the Department of Finance and the Department of Clinical Medicine are listed by the Ministry of Finance as professional capacity-building professional services industry development; the clinical medicine, nursing, Chinese pharmacy and medical inspection technology teaching team was named provincial teaching team; nursing, midwifery, The medical examination technology specialty was rated as a provincial-level specialty; basic nursing, pathology, human anatomy, cell biology and medical genetics were rated as provincial-level exquisite courses. College teaching equipment worth 52 million yuan, built a network of body diagnostics room, nursing training room, digital interactive microscope room, oral training room and 89 modern medical laboratory and information technology laboratory; set up the Pingliang City Huangfu谧 Institute of Research, Pingliang City Academy of Fine Arts, Pingliang City Health Culture Research Institute, Pingliang City Huangfu Medicine Research Institute, Gansu Medical College Chinese Medicine Research Center, 5 municipal research institutions, school library collection of books 89.7 Million volumes, 816 kinds of Chinese and foreign language periodicals . Relying on modern digital technology, the college has also built a complete network of public resources such as document resources, online video teaching, and electronic reading.

The College currently has 2 directly affiliated hospitals , among which the Affiliated Hospital of Gansu Medical College (formerly Pingliang City People’s Hospital) is a tertiary A hospital, and the Second Affiliated Hospital (former Pingliang City Second People’s Hospital) is a tertiary B hospital. There are also 10 non-affiliated affiliated hospitals, 80 teaching practice bases inside and outside the province , including the Lanzhou Army General Hospital, the First University of Lanzhou, and the Second University of Lanzhou. There is a Gansu Provincial General Practice Training Center and Pingliang City’s eleventh National Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute.

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