Putian University School of Medicine, China

Putian University was approved and established by the Ministry of Education in 2002. Being administrated by the Provincial Government, it is a public, comprehensive undergraduate institution which includes the following subjects: natural science, engineering, liberal arts, business management, pedagogics and medicine. The University’s operating system is a cooperation of Fujian province and Putian city.

Located on the Meizhou Bay, in a beautiful coastal city in central Fujian Province, the campus covers an area of 1171 hectares with a floor space of 350,000 square meters.

The University’s library holds 850,000 volumes of books, and has teaching equipment valued at RMB 71,100,000 Yuan. The University has set up a Modern Education Technology Center, Network Center, Pre-employment Training Center, and various laboratories for different majors. It has affiliated itself with 2 hospitals as well.

At present it has 11 teaching Departments, including Chinese Language & Literature, Math & Applied Math, Foreign Languages, Environment & Life Sciences, Business Management, Electronic Information Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Physical Education, Adult Education Arts, Medical (including Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Medicine and Fundamental Medicine Division), and Social Science Division. Now this Department has a teaching staff of 926 with more than 607 professional teachers, of which 172 are full professors or associate professors. Meanwhile, our University recruits more than 20 skilled professors from both home and abroad annually.

It offers 30 undergraduate programs, namely Computer Science & Technology (including teacher-training program), Environmental Engineering, Accounting, Chinese Language & Literature (including secretary training), Math & Applied Maths, Information and Calculation Science, English Language Education (including International Business English), Japanese, Tourism Management, Biotechnology, Management for Environmental Resource & Municipal Design, Civil Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Technology and Equipment for Observation and Control, Applied Chemistry, Engineering Management, Financial management, Marketing, Physical Education, Advertisement, Human Resource Management, Public Service Administration, Art, Art Layout, musicology, Nursing and Medicine, the University also offers 23 majors for the students of 3-year programs, which includes Mechanic & Electronic Engineering and Clinical Medicine. The University enrolls students from 20 provinces and cities. At present, it has a total enrollment of nearly 13,000 full-time students.

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