Qinghai University Medical College, China

Qinghai University School of Medicine (formerly of Qinghai Medical College) was founded in September 1958, incorporated into the 1995 Qinghai Tibetan Medical College, in November 2004 with the formation of a new integration of Qinghai University, Qinghai University, Qinghai Medical College of Qinghai University Medical School changed its name to .

Establishment of the hospital more than four decades, the College based in Qinghai, highlighting the school characteristics, and serve the local social and economic development, is now built into a set of graduate, undergraduate, specialist, student education, general education, adult education, continuing medical education as one of multi-level form of school structure, with distinct local and national characteristics of the medical schools.

Currently, the Institute of Clinical Medicine under the Department of Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Public Health, Department of Pharmacy, etc. Five of 20 undergraduate majors or professional direction and the Ministry of Basic Medicine, Department of Public disciplines, High Altitude Medicine Research Center, Modern Educational Technology Center , Institute of Parasitic Diseases, libraries, adult education institutes and affiliated hospitals. High Altitude Medicine, Tibetan medicine, science and other characteristics of endemic professional medical colleges in the country enjoy a high reputation, has become one with the plateau northwest regional advantages and ethnic characteristics of the medical schools. University occupies 140 acres, the library collection 190 000. “Qinghai University Medical College,” the domestic and international public offering.

College of the existing two doctoral degree (high altitude medicine, Tibetan medicine), 9 master two disciplines (internal medicine, surgery, Dermatology, Tibetan medicine, immunology, of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gastroenterology, heart vascular medicine, endocrinology, pathophysiology) and 22 master’s degree three subjects. There are 3 provincial key disciplines, 1 Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, 3 provincial key laboratories. Currently, more than 5800 students in size, in-school Han, Tibetan, Hui, Sala, Mongolian, Tu, Kazakhstan and other nationalities, students from more than 20 provinces (regions) and municipalities.

College of the existing staff of 1,900 people; of which 1,700 professional and technical personnel, more than 290 part-time teachers; associate professor, deputy director of Physicians and above 360 ??people. College and the affiliated hospital has 25 national and provincial experts.Hospital has 1080 beds, is the first hospitals of Qinghai Province. Trauma care center in Qinghai Province, Qinghai Institute of Dermatology, Cancer Research Center in Qinghai Province, QinghaiProvince, burn research center, medical imaging center is located in Qinghai Province in the hospital.

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