Shanxi Datong University School of Medicine, China

Shanxi Datong University (SDU) is a multi-disciplinary university, which was approved by China
Ministry of Education in 2006, was formed by merging Yanbei Teachers College, DaTong Medica
College, Datong vocational & technical college and Shanxi Industry Polytechnic College.

Shanxi Datong University is situated in Datong, a famous historical and cultural city. The campus covers a geographic area of 2,400 mu and the constructed area of 700,000 square meters. The new campus has four main buildings: new teaching building, technology laboratory, new Library, coliseum. Equipments of university for teaching cost 96,360,000 RMB in all. The  library has a collection of over 1,800,000 books. There are 35 majors, 16 schools in Political and Law, Literature and History, Foreign Language, Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture and so on. The full-time undergraduates are reaching 22,000.

The university includes 1,400 full-time teachers, among whom 38% teachers is professors and associate professors, 21% teachers with Master degree or Doctorate and 317 teachers in the course of applying for their Doctorate or Master degree, the number of these teachers is 24% of all the teachers.

There are 3 key provincially supported disciplines, 10 key construction disciplines of university, 6 brand-making majors of university, 2 provincially model laboratories, 15 elaborate courses of university and 1 provincially elaborate course.

In recent three years, researches in SDU are increasing in quantity and quality as well as diversity. The university has acquired 20 national research projects, 109 provincially projects. 3675 papers on Science and technology were printed, among which 201 papers were printed in core academic periodical, 130 papers were entered the international four major paper indexing system. And 326 books were published, 13 of which received provincial or ministerial awards.
The library of DaTong University was built in 2005 and inaugurated in 2007. It is situated in the west of Nothern campus and has A,B,C,D,E areas according to their functions. The total building area amounts to 37,083 ㎡. It’s one of the four symbolizing architectures of our school . The building offers multi-functional services, including a loaning service, a computer retrieval service, and informating service.

The collection held by the library amounts to 1,186,000 volumes,including 761,300 books ,33,700 periodicals,and 391,000 digital books. Its collection focuses on philosophy, social sciences, literature, arts, mathematics, physics, chemistry. Other resources , such as manufacturing, agriculture, pharmacology etc, can be found as well.

The library has digital rooms, in which there are 60 computer terminals and CD-ROM mirror image server. It also provides an access to online databases such as Chinese National Science Digital Library, SPRING-LINK, CNKI, WANFANG, Conference and Thesis database, Chinese Academic Periodical database, Macrochina, 21media etc. These services have greatly improved teachers’ and students’ ability to perform more throught research.

There are 44 staff members in the library. 10 percent of the staff have graduate degrees; 55 percent have under-graduate degrees. 10 librarians have their under-graduate degrees in library information and computers.There are 1 chief researchers, 6 deputy researchers, 1 deputy professor, 16 librarians, 4 assistants and 16 employed workers. Most staff are under the age of 40.

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