St. Georges University, Grenada

A handful of dreamers set out to change the status quo in medical education in the 1970s and founded an international University that has educated more than 17,000 people worldwide…and impacted the word by the many thousands more who have benefitted from their knowledge and care. Their vision of what international education should be attracted progressive education leaders with prestigious credential to shape the future of the young school. The result of their shared dream was St. George’s University.

It began on July 23, 1976, when Charles Modica, Louis Modica, Edward McGowan, and Patrick F. Adams witnessed the birth of their dream through an act of Grenada’s Parliament, establishing St. George’s University School of Medicine. It opened its doors in January 1977, welcoming a modest group of students to Grand Anse as part of its charter class. They were the first of many, the University having produced over 14,000 physicians who have gone on to practice in all 50 US states and more than 50 countries worldwide.

What was an opportunity for the charter class has developed into the opportunity for many. The Doctor of Medicine program at St. George’s University School of Medicine has been accredited and approved by many external bodies, such as the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP), the Government of Grenada, and medical boards throughout the United States. SGU students now have access to clinical training opportunities at over 70 affiliated hospitals and clinical centers in the United States, Canada, Grenada, and United Kingdom, and annually secure highly competitive US-based residencies, with SGU serving as the number one provider of doctors into first-year positions in the US over the last six years combined, including more than 870 in 2016 alone.

St. George’s University expanded its medical program even further in 2005, this time overseas, establishing the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program, which allows School of Medicine students to spend their first year of basic sciences at Northumbria University in Newcastle, United Kingdom. With it, these students obtain unprecedented international experience in medicine, gaining exposure to models of medicine in three different countries by the time they graduate.

In addition to basic science training, students have been able to carry out short- and long-term, multidisciplinary research and education programs with the Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF), which the University established in True Blue in 1994.

After forty years of producing doctors around the world. SGU doctors have had a profound effect on medical care in the United States—as well as Grenada, Botswana, Trinidad and Tobago, and other countries around the world.

In the US alone, SGU graduates have been procuring residencies in a growing rate over the past four years. In 2017, SGU students and graduates have obtained a record number of residency placements with over 900 US residencies secured.

This past year our eligible 2017 US graduates had a 93% US postgraduate placement rate for those that applied for a US residency.

The Grenadian community has proudly embraced the University and its students. For 40 years, students and community members have lived in peace, with a mutual respect that is genuine and admired. In turn, SGU has been a vital contributor to the island through both financial and humanitarian means. SGU is proud that its students, graduates, and faculty are dedicated to improving the lives of both old and young on the island.

Students are captivated by the unique blend of African, English and French cultures of Grenada. They can immerse themselves in Grenada’s rich history, dining at a local restaurant in the picturesque capital of St. George’s, as native music fills the air. Though many languages are spoken, English is the national language.

Sports and recreation are an essential part of St. George’s University and campus life. Students take full advantage of the tropical climate, participating in outdoor activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving in their free time. In addition, the Athletics, Sports, and Recreational Department has created a healthy atmosphere for students to exercise their minds and bodies.

Located on the ground floor of the Student Center Building, the air-conditioned SGU Gym is divided into a Weight Room and Cardio Room. The Weight Room has a wide range of free weights and weight machines, while the Cardio Room features spinners, elliptical machines, treadmills, as well as other cardio and audio/visual equipment.

There are numerous ways to work up a sweat, to unwind, to reset, or to otherwise put yourself in the right state of mind to excel in your studies. That can be accomplished individually or through the numerous fitness classes organized in the SGU gym. They range from aerobics and kickboxing to dance, martial arts, and yoga. Many classes are also held outdoors, including on the second floor of Modica Hall, at which you can peer out toward the Caribbean Sea, or on the beach. The playing field on lower campus is outfitted for recreational CrossFit training and jogging/running.

St. George’s University student organizations are centered on different areas of student life: cultural, religious, social, academic, professional, and community service. The Office of the Dean of Students, cognizant of the benefits of active student involvement, offers support for over 65 student organizations in Grenada, and for students in clinical rotations. Students seeking additional information on organizations and student associations that support the following categories may contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

St. George’s University provides a well-rounded experience for its students, including by offering a wealth of research opportunities on campus. Our unique location and variety of dual degree programs provide unique research opportunities in areas such as medical public health, anthropology, ecology, marine and terrestrial biology, ethics, and more.  Additionally, One Health One Medicine, the convergence of human, animal, and ecosystem health, is of particular interest on our unique campus which is home to both a medical and veterinary medical school.



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