Tay Nguyen University Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Viet Nam

After 37 years of establishment and development. TNU has trained over 24.500 students, including more than 2000 ethnic minority students. TNU has also trained over 400 master students in Forestry – Agriculture, Biology, Veterinary Science and Parasitology – Entomology, 120 students in General internal medicine and General surgery. Beside, TNU has also cooperated with 8 other universities in Vietnam to conduct training over 1000 master students in Forestry – Agriculture, Medicine, Linguistics, Pedagogy, English, Economics, Information Technology and Education Management. Since 2008-2009, TNU began to train students from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Cambodia.

Crop Science, Veterinary Science, Animal Science, Forestry, Experimental Biology, Parasitology – Entomology, General internal medicine,  General surgery, Mathematical analysis and copperation with 8 other Universities for training 30 Master programs.

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