Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The school was founded in 1958, formerly known as Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in 2006 officially changed its name to Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 1992 approved by the State Board of Education, plus the traditional Chinese Medicine International College school card, is the Ministry of education of Chinese medicine, medical humanities quality teaching guidance committee chairman and the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Association of Education Steering Committee chairman of the unit. The school adhering to the “into the German practice, inheritance and innovation” school motto, cultivated to Shi Xuemin, Zhang Bo Li, represented by a large number of outstanding Chinese medicine talent for the development of national medical and health undertakings made important contributions. In the new period, the school to implement the Ministry of Education, “Higher School Innovation Capability Enhancement Program” (referred to as “2011” plan), led the formation of “modern Chinese medicine collaborative innovation center”, in high-level university construction road stride forward.
The school is under construction in the new campus is located in Jinghai County, Tianjin Mission Lake, covering an area of ​​2600 acres, construction area of ​​more than 60 million square meters, will become the country’s largest museum of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine botanical garden; the most advanced Medical Science and Technology Park and International Education Center for Chinese Medicine.
The school has 11 colleges, 4 departments, 2 research institutes, 3 directly affiliated hospitals. There are six disciplines, 25 professional, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, Chinese and Western medicine combined with three doctoral degree degree authorization, 22 doctoral degree degree authorization; a Chinese medicine, Chinese and Western medicine, Pharmacy, pharmacy, basic medicine, nursing, management science and engineering, biomedical engineering 8 master degree a degree degree authorization, 49 master degree two degree degree authorization. Bachelor degree or above full-time students in 12320 people, including 7850 undergraduates, 33,300 graduate students, students and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao overseas students calendar 1076 people.
The school has more than 3600 faculty members, with more than 900 senior professional titles teachers. Professor Shi Xuemin, Zhang Bo Li, Liu Changxiao 3 Chinese Academy of Engineering; Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholars Award Program Distinguished Professor, National Outstanding Young Scientist Fund winner, million people plan, the new century “millions of talent project”, the Ministry of Education new century talents , The Ministry of Health has made outstanding contributions to young experts, the Ministry of Personnel has made outstanding contributions to young experts and other high-level talent more than 20 people. Approved by the Ministry of Education innovation team 3. Nearly three years, the school new provincial and ministerial level, bureau level above a total of 408 items. National project 189, including “major new drug creation” major science and technology projects 20, 973 project items 11, 863 project items 1, the National Natural Science Fund project 140 (including key projects 2), the Ministry of Science and Technology International Cooperation Project 3, the National Science and Technology Support Program 12, the National Social Science Fund 1. Won the provincial and ministerial level awards 43, including national science and technology progress award 1, second prize 1; Ministry of education science and technology progress award 1; Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award 2. The school won the national teaching achievement award 5.
Campus Address: 312 Anshanxi Road, Nankai District Tianjin 300193 China.

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