Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Ukrain

In August of 1993 the Military Medical Department was found on the basis of the Bohomolets’ Ukrainian State Medical University. Training of medical officers was started in 1993, first graduates turned out in November 1995.

Ukrainian Military Medical Academy is the high military medical education institution
of the IV accreditation level with the right of training and retraining of military
doctors on education and skill levels of specialist and master of medicine (pharmacy)
(including foreign citizens) as well as scientifi c and medical center of the Ministry of
Defense of Ukraine.

In the Academy works 29 professors, 49 doctors of science, 69 PhDs, 58 associate
professors.The Academy comprises: Military Medical Institute, whose structure consists of 2
faculties and 11 departments; Research Institute of Military Medicine of the Armed
Forces of Ukraine.

Medical service officers, aged up to 32, passing the military service in the Armed Forces and other military formations of Ukraine, having accomplished higher medical (pharmaceutical) education, that are positively characterized in the service and citizens of Ukraine, male preferably – graduates of civil higher medical education establishments of Ukraine, aged up to 28, that have the officer-in-reserve rank on one of the medical military register specialties or are recommended to the commissioned rank willing to pass the military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and meeting the requirements of the military service can be admitted to the MOTD of the Military Medical Institute (MMI) of the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy (UMMA).

There are doctor and advanced student courses introduced in order to train scientific and pedagogic staff of higher qualification to meet the requirements of the Academy and the Armed Forces medical service and other military formations.

Address :  Melnykova St, 24, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04050.

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